ETCR: Attend the 13th China Lightning Protection Technology and Product Exhibition in 2019

In 2019, the China Meteorological Modernization Construction Technology Expo and the 13th China Lightning Protection Technology and Product Exhibition will be officially opened in Shanghai Cross-border Procurement and Exhibition Center on April 10,2019, and the exhibition will be attended by ETCR an exhibitor

The lightning protection technology in China started in 2002, which is an important window to understand the situation of lightning protection industry in China. In the past seventeen years, the "China Lightning Protection Exhibition" has played an active role in the development of lightning protection and disaster reduction and lightning protection technology in China as an industry exhibition. And also provides mutual learning opportunities for colleagues in the lightning protection industry.

ETCR, as the exhibitor, displayed a series of testing equipment according to the qualification requirements to meet the one-stop purchasing needs of customers.

Loop resistance, ground resistance, soil resistivity tester, equipotential tester, lightning protection element tester, standard resistance and other series of products.

During the 3-day exhibition, there is a steady stream of customers at home and abroad, not only old friends who have cooperated for many years, but also new partners who have made transactions in the past two years, as well as new customers who have come to consult the business.