Hot Products Recommended:ETCR9330B Wireless H//L Voltage Hook Type Current Meter

ETCR9330B Large Caliber Wireless H/L VoltageHookType Current Meter connect with the insulation rod, can be used for current measurement of the lines with insulation skin below 60kV or bare wires high voltage lines below 35kV. Online measurement and with data hold, data storage and wireless transmission and other functions, Its special hook type current meter can be easily approached to the measured wire by insulation rod, which can be directly hung on the line for measurement, saving time and more effective. Widely used in substation, power plant, industrial and mining enterprises, detection stations, electrical maintenance departments for current detection and field electrical work etc.

It can also replace the H/L voltage turns ratio tester, which can measure the H/L voltage current of the primary circuit and secondary circuit respectively, and then calculate to get the H/L voltage turns ratio. Insulation rod is portable, with moisture-proof, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, bending resistance, high insulation, telescopic and other characteristics.

Product features

1. The unique U-shaped opening structure realizes the unimpeded measurement, and it is very convenient for field test.

2. Suitable for large current test, range: 0.00A ~ 9999A

3. Wireless transmission, the transmission distance is 100m

4. When the receiver has not received transmit signal, dynamic display “no- -”symbol.

5. 4-digit LCD display, backlight function, suitable for dark places

6. Data hold function, data storage function.


Technical Specification


         High voltage AC current measurement, low voltage AC current, on-line AC current monitoring

   Power Supply

        6V DC(1.5V AAA×4 alkaline dry batteries)

  Test Mode

        Non-contact U-type CT

       Transmission Mode

        433MHz wireless transmission, transmission distance is about 100 meters

       Display Mode

        4-digit LCD display, backlight function, suitable for dark places

    LCD Size


   Meter Dimension

        Detector:210mm×246mm×45mm; Receiver:78mm×165mm×42mm

  CT Size


   Insulation Rod Size

        φ45mm, Contraction state: 850mm; Stretched state: 3600mm.

        Insulation Rod Voltage Level


Sampling Rate

        2 times / second

       Measurement Range

        0.00A9999A(50/60Hz automatic)




0.00A9999A automatic shift

   Test Accuracy

±2%±5dgt (The wire is near the center of the bottom end of the U-type clamp,23±2)

     Position Error

        The measured conductor should be located as close as possible to the center of the bottom end of the U-type clamp.

   Data Storage

        99 groups, in storage process “MEM” symbol display, “FULL” symbol flash display indicate storage is full

      Line Voltage

     Bare wire test below 60kV (Operate with insulation rod, the telescopic insulation rod is completely opened)

    Data Hold

       In general test mode, press HOLD key to hold data, “HOLD” symbol display. press HOLD Key once again to cancel this function

      Data Access

“MR” symbol display, it can look over all the stored data

     Overflow Display

Exceed measurement range overflow function: “OL  A” symbol display

      No Signal Indication

         When the receiver has not received transmit signal, dynamic display “no- -”symbol.

      Automatic Shutdown

      15 minutes after boot up, the meter shuts down automatically without any operation, to reduce battery consumption 

   Battery Voltage

       When battery voltage is lower than 4.8V, low battery voltage symbol display and remind to replace battery. 


         Detector:300g(with Battery ), Receiver:280g(with Battery ), Total weight: : 2300g (include insulation rod and battery)

        Working Temperature

-10 ~ 40; Below 80%Rh


      Should try to avoid 315MHz, 433MHz same-frequency signal interference

       Insulation Strength

     AC 220kV/rms(The telescopic insulation rod is fully opened between the two ends)


       Clamp meter: 1PCS; Receiver: 1PCS; Telescopic insulation rod: 1PCS; Cloth bag: 1PCS

Application test

The tested wire should be located at the center of the top of the hook-type pliers (point A area) as far as possible, and can be directly hung on the line for measurement