How to use a clamp current meter
  • What is a clamp current meter? 

Clamp current meter is a combination of current transformer and current meter.The iron core of the current transformer can be opened when the wrench is tightened; the wire through which the current is measured can pass through the open gap of the iron core without cutting, and the core is closed when the wrench is released.

  • What are the advantages of clamp current meter?

Usually when measuring the current with a common ammeter, it is necessary to cut off the circuit before stopping the ammeter to be connected for measurement. This is very troublesome, and sometimes a normal running motor does not allow this. At this time, it is much more convenient to use a clam pcurrent meter, which can measure the current without cutting off the circuit.

  • Working principle of clamp current meter?

The wire of the circuit under test that passes through the core becomes the primary coil of the current transformer, and the current is induced in the secondary coil by passing the current. Thus, the ammeter connected to the secondary coil has an indication ------ measuring the current of the circuit under test

  • Method for using clamp current mete

Press the board machine to open the clamp head and clamp the measured wire. (note that the clamp head must be fully closed).