Congratulation,Our company successfully passed the measurement standard assessment
Recently, our company has passed various measurement assessments by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, and awarded our company's product "ETCR Series Clamp Ground Resistance Tester" with a "Made in the People's Republic of China Measurement Instrument License" [Guangdong 01000172]; "Measurement Standard Evaluation Certificate" 【穗量标企证字第0090号】; "Product Implementation Standard" [Q / (GZ) YTDZ 1-2007]. ETCR always regards the optimization of production conditions, the deployment of technical personnel, production line management, and quality assurance as the lifeblood of corporate survival and development, which is also the key to our successful certification.The improvement of the measurement system provides a strong guarantee for ETCR Technology to realize scientific and technological innovation and serve the society.