National metrological verification regulation: JJG1054-2009 "clamp earth resistance meter" was officially released

National metrological verification regulations developed with the participation of ETCR.JJG1054-2009 "Clamp Ground Resistance Tester" was released on December 22, 2009, and implemented on January 11, 2010.

The drafting units of JJG1054-2009 "Clamp Ground Resistance Meter" are: China Academy of Metrology; Metrology and Testing Institute of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; ETCR. The release of this regulation provided a legal basis for the measurement of the clamp ground resistance meter, and ended the disorder and confusion in the measurement of the clamp ground resistance meter.

The release of this regulation is a major contribution made by ETCR to the ground resistance test industry. ETCR has also obtained the national utility model patent of the “clamp ground resistance meter”, patent number [ZL 2006 2 0058986.9]. These have confirmed the powerful technology that ETCR has Strength and leading position in this industry.