ETCR successfully passed the measurement certificate review

In August 2010, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision reviewed the "ETCR2000 series clamp earth resistance tester" issued to our company three years ago "the license for making measuring Instruments of the people's Republic of China". After the inspection of product technical documents, inspection of verification standards, on-site examination and other strict examination, the license for the manufacture of measuring Instruments of the people's Republic of China was reissued to our company on September 8, 2010.

Notify users: Our company's previous measurement certificate [Guangdong 01000172] is invalid due to expiration. From now on use the new measurement certificate [Guangdong 00000741]. At present, only “ETCR2000 clamp earth resistance tester” on the market has our company's legal and formal measurement certificate, others are counterfeit. Please pay attention.