Earth Resistance Tester Passed Explosion-proof Certification

Our company's ETCR2000B + explosion-proof earth resistance meter and ETCR2800 earth resistance online detector have passed the assessment of the explosion-proof quality supervision and inspection center for electrical products in the petroleum and chemical industries and obtained the "Explosion-proof Certificate". Among similar products in China, it is the only one that has passed explosion-proof certification.

ETCR 2000B+ explosion-proof earth resistance instrument [Certificate No .: CE13.2263] [Ex ia ⅡBT3 Ga]

ETCR2800 earth  resistance online tester [Certificate No .: CE13.2262X] [ Ex ia ⅡBT3 Ga].

Explosion-proof products must be used in flammable and explosive hazardous situations. Users are advised to confirm whether the product's "Explosion-proof Certificate" is valid when selecting "explosion-proof clamp-type earth resistance meter" and "earth resistance online detector" Bring you losses. Details can be found on the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Explosion-proof Information Network