New Products : Automobile Leakage Current Clamp Meter

ETCR recently launched a new product: ETCR6200 automobile leakage current clamp meter.

The instrument is specially designed and manufactured for on-line measurement of DC, AC leakage current and current below 600V, especially suitable for measuring automobile dark current, leakage current, starting current and charging current. When measuring, it is fast, safe and reliable without power outage and wire disconnection. The instrument has the advantages of small size, high precision, strong anti-interference ability, automatic shift, peak value holding, data keeping, data storage and other functions. It is equipped with RS232 interface, communication line and monitoring software, which can be used for on-line real-time monitoring and historical query by computer, dynamic display, maximum, minimum and average indication, alarm value setting and alarm indication, historical data reading, saving, printing and other functions.

Technical Specification

 Range  DC/AC  0mA~60.0A
 Accuracy  ±2%rdg±5dgt
 Resolution  1mA
 Power Supply  6F22 9V Zn-MNO _ 2 dry battery 
 Test Mode  Non-contact clamp CT
 Display Mode  4-digit LCD display, backlight function, suitable for measurement in dark place
 Dimension  175mm×70mm×38mm
 CT Size  25mm×30mm
 Shift  Automatic
 RS232 Interface  With RS232 interface, storage data can be uploaded to computer save and print.
Communication  parameters
 Baud rate 9600, data bit 8, stop bit 1, check bit none
 Data Storage   99 groups , flash display “FULL” symbol indicate storage full
 Peak Hold   Peak capture and hold function, long press HOLD key display peak value
 Data Hold   Data hold function: “DH” symbol display
 Overflow Display  Exceed measure range overflow function: “OL ” symbol display
 Automatic shutdown  The instrument shuts down automatically 5 minutes after it is turned on.
 Battery Voltage  Battery voltage lower than 7.2V will display low battery voltage symbol, and remind to replace battery
 Weight   180g
The traditional leakage current (dark current) detection method is to connect the multimeter in series to the negative electrode of the battery, and the lead wire of the battery needs to be removed. This is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also easy to lose customer data (such as clock and electronic navigation data, etc.)

ETCR6200 automobile leakage current clamp meter is fast, safe and reliable. It is an ideal tool for automobile circuit maintenance. Here are some applications of the instrument:

1. Measure the starting current: when the vehicle is difficult to start, measuring the starting current to judge the working condition of the battery is one of the main detection steps.

2. Measure the charging current: when the battery is insufficient and it is suspected that the generator fails to charge the battery, it needs to be judged by measuring the charging current.

3. Measuring leakage current (dark current): measuring leakage current (dark current) is the main way to judge whether a vehicle has a leakage fault.

4. Other measurements: in maintenance, it is often necessary to judge the on-off condition of some circuits