ETCR joins Guangdong Metrology Association

Our company has been approved as a new member of the Association by Guangdong Metrology Association.

 The Guangdong Metrology Association was established in 1992 to adapt to the development of the market economy, to promote the implementation of the metrology law, to help enterprises strengthen the basic work of measurement, to improve the product quality of measuring instruments, and to implement industry self-discipline in the construction of the calibration and testing market. it was jointly founded by the management and scientific and technological personnel of enterprises, institutions, government administrative departments of measurement and the front of measurement work. The competent department is the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision. Over the past ten years, with the deepening of reform and opening up and the maturity of the market economy, with the support and guidance of the competent departments, the Association has set up a non-profit service organization operating independently in accordance with the needs of the market economy, wholeheartedly as its members, to provide the society with the services it needs for the government.