New Product-Transformer Iron Core Earth Current Tester

ETCR recently launched a new product: ETCR8100B transformer core earth current tester.

The product is specially designed and manufactured for on-site on-line testing of transformer core grounding current and leakage current in power system, and is composed of mainframe, current clamp, monitoring software, communication line and so on. Power transformer is the most important electrical equipment in the power system. Once a fault occurs in operation, it will cause serious consequences to the power system. The transformer core in normal operation is grounded at a single point. If two or more points are grounded at the same time, a current loop will be formed between the core and the earth, and the maximum current can reach dozens of amperes, which will cause local overheating or even burn out of the core. This instrument can find the latent fault of transformer as soon as possible, and it is the main tool to ensure the safe operation and normal maintenance of transformer. It is mainly suitable for testing the leakage current of iron cores and clamps of substations and power plants as transformers, reactors and other electrical equipment. It can also be used to test the current and leakage current of lines or equipment in the fields of electric power, communications, meteorology, railways, oil fields, construction, metrology, scientific research and teaching units, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.

The host adopts high-speed microprocessor, 3.5-inch color touch LCD screen, intelligent touch operation, convenient and fast. Can display the magnitude and waveform of the measured current in real time; use FFT transform and digital filtering technology to make the test data more accurate; with alarm critical value setting and alarm indication function; with date clock and setting function; with automatic shutdown time function; with set test number function; with USB interface, can store data into the computer, the instrument can store data and waveform 200groups.

The current clamp adopts special alloy and the latest magnetic shielding technology, which has little influence on external magnetic field and strong anti-interference ability, which ensures the high precision, high stability and high reliability of year-round uninterrupted measurement. The inner diameter of the clamp is 80mm × 80mm. It can clamp the cable or ground wire below φ 80mm, or clamp 96mm × 4mm flat steel ground wire, portable clamp design, no need to disconnect the tested line, non-contact measurement, safe and fast.

The monitoring software has the functions of on-line real-time monitoring and historical query, dynamic display, waveform indication, alarm value setting and alarm indication, and the functions of reading, consulting, saving and printing historical data.