ETCR won the 2018 Guangdong High-tech Product Award

In December 2018, ETCR independently developed a variety of portable resistance testers and intelligent leakage monitoring equipment. With stable product performance and fast and convenient measurement methods, it was awarded the Guangdong Provincial High-tech Product Certificate 2018 by the Guangdong High-tech Enterprise Association. 

Compared with the ordinary tester, the ETCR2000 series clamp earth resistance tester independently developed by our company has obvious advantages such as large measuring range, high measuring accuracy and simple measuring method.When measuring a grounding system with a loop, the comprehensive value of resistance can be accurately obtained without disconnecting the grounding lead and auxiliary electrode. this technical improvement makes the resistance measurement faster and safer. In addition to the clamp earth resistance tester, there are ETCR3000 series digital earth resistance tester, ETCR2800 series non-contact earth resistance on-line tester, ETCR2900 contact earth resistance on-line tester and so on.

In addition, the company has also innovated and developed new intelligent leakage monitoring equipment, including ETCR6000 series of high accuracy AC / DC clamp leakage meters, ETCR7000 series of large caliber  AC / DC clamp leakage meters, ETCR8700  power failure / leakage  current remote alarm monitor, spilt core current sensor, flexible coil current sensor and so on.

Since its establishment in 2006, ETCR has been committed to electronics, communications and automatic control technology research and development; general and special instrument components, device manufacturing; electronic measuring instrument manufacturing, power electronic technical services, electronic products wholesale and electronic products retail. Its products are widely used in electric power, communications, military, petroleum, chemical, meteorological, railway and industrial and mining enterprises, and its sales are far ahead in the electronic technology industry. Its products are easy to use and practical, and are widely recognized by customers.

This award is not only an affirmation of ETCR's years of research and development, but also an encouragement for the future development of Iridium Thai electronic technology. We will pursue unremittingly on the road of innovation and research and development, and continue to provide the market with high-quality and reliable measurement products.