New Product-Power Failure /Leakage Current Remote Alarm Monitor

ETCR recently launched a new product: ETCR8700 Product-Power Failure /Leakage Current Remote Alarm Monitor.

ETCR8700 Power Failure/Leakage Current Remote Alarm Monitor is specially designed for the industrial control site that needs unattended and remote online alarm to monitor power failure, power supply recovery and leakage. It belongs to 2G/3G/4G alarm monitor of industrial grade, and can also be used as burglar alarm. It is composed of computer, current sensor, GPRS module, and upper computer software and power adapter and so on. Built-in GPRS module, users only need to set a few simple parameters through their own computer server, and then can monitor the remote equipment whether power failure, whether to restore power supply, whether there is leakage and so on alarm information at any time. It can also connect the temperature, humidity and human body infrared sensors and other sensors through the input expansion port, and control the remote relay and other equipment through the output expansion port. Widely used in security, power equipment, banking, telecommunication, factory, railway, machine room, uninterruptable power supply, biopharmaceutical, warehouse, pharmacy, important mechanical equipment, production line running 24 hours and other places where need power off alarm, leakage monitoring alarm, remote control start and stop etc.

The host monitors one channel current (LCD display current value), one channel external power intact or break status (i.e. the intact or break status of the power supply), three channel extended input interface (DC 0 ~ 9V analog voltage), three channel extended output control interface (on/off: DC 12V/0V). And supply one channel RS485 data interface and MODBUS protocol, convenient to secondary development. With built-in large capacity lithium battery which has the function of charging management. When the external power supply is disconnected, the built-in lithium battery will continue to supply power to the host engine, comprehensively realizing the functions of remote monitoring, alarm and control.

The server can send setting instruction, alarm instruction, query instruction and restore factory setting instruction to the host through GPRS. For example: send related instruction configuration, power failure alarm, power present value, leakage alarm, leakage current alarm value setting; Query magnitude of current, query power supply on or off state, query extension input voltage signal strength, query extension output control on or off state, etc.

Current sensor is spilt type CT, very suitable for online installation, coil diameter for Φ 40 mm, users can according to the requirements to purchase different diameter current sensor. The core is made of special alloy and adopt magnetic shielding technology, which is almost unaffected by the external magnetic field, ensuring the high precision, high stability and high reliability of the continuous monitoring all year round.