Product upgrade, earth resistance meter and earth resistance on-line tester passed explosion-proof certification

ETCR is the drafting unit of the national verification regulations: JJG1054-2009 "Clamp Earth Resistance Meter". For many years, ETCR has insisted on investing heavily in ground resistance test research and development and maintained a leading position in China.

Our company has carried out technical transformation and upgrading of the products ETCR2000B + explosion-proof clamp earth resistance meter and ETCR2800 earth resistance online detector. The products have passed the assessment of the “National Explosion-proof Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center” and obtained the “Explosion-proof Qualification Certificate”.

ETCD 2000B + explosion-proof grounding resistance instrument [Certificate No .: CE18.2380] [Explosion-proof mark: Ex iaⅡBT3 Ga].

ETCR2800 grounding resistance on-line detector [certificate number: CE18.2332X] [explosion-proof mark: Ex ia Ⅱ BT3 Ga].

Explosion-proof products must be used in flammable and explosive dangerous situations. when choosing "explosion-proof clamp grounding resistor" and "grounding resistance on-line detector", you should confirm whether the product's "explosion-proof certificate" is effective or not to avoid loss to you. Details can be found on the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry explosion-proof Information Network