ETCR5500 Phase Swapping Type Three Phase Unbalance Correction Device passed the Cape test

The ETCR5500 phase swapping type  three-phase unbalance correction device carefully developed by ETCR is a real-time and intelligent automatic load control system, which can effectively commutation single-phase load and solve the problem of three-phase unbalance in low-voltage distribution network perfectly and effectively.

Product Characteristics

1. Equal voltage 0ms seamless phase change technology ,phase changing will not interrput the power supply;

2. There is no inrush current in phase changing process ,stable and reliable;

3. Precise positioning phase converter ensure the balance of each branch of the distribution network hop by hop;

4. No adverse effects on all kinds of electrical equipment;

5. Flexible function ,parametric design. It can setting phase changing condition.

In order to check the quality of the products, the products were recently sent to the “National Continuous Power Protection and Automation Equipment Quality Monitoring and Inspection Center” for Kaipu type inspection, and the high-quality products passed various rigorous tests at one time. We will continue our efforts to further improve the quality of our products, and welcome customers to come to discuss cooperation.