ETCR responds to the call for a new era of technology-based and innovative country

Since its establishment in 2006, ETCR, as a diversified electronic technology limited company integrating research and development, manufacturing and sales, and application services, has continuously improved its product core, adhered to the direction of operation and development based on science and technology, supplemented by innovation, introduced the management concept of modern enterprises, and created a unique scientific and technological development path of ETCR on the basis of a large number of full and effective market research. It provides a set of effective model system standards for management, marketing and marketing services for the electronic technology market.

As a young, dynamic and innovative private high-tech enterprise, ETCR has been committed to the research and development of core technology, fully responding to the development call of the national science and technology-oriented and innovation power, improving the overall literacy of the R & D team, increasing energy investment in technology research and development, and making unswerving and painstaking efforts and attempts to provide new products with excellent technology and innovative diversity. The brand value of ETCR always lies in taking customer demand as the purpose, scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, strict management as the guarantee, and international level as the goal, to provide customers with intelligent power testing instruments and power quality remote online monitoring solutions.

ETCR adheres to the development concept of respecting technology, advocating new thinking and new life, focusing on making ETCR's high-tech products and making the country's assured Iridium products; ETCR focuses on market needs and makes full use of Iridium's product development capabilities to create A batch of excellent electronic technology products has also created a batch of iridium Thai people's technological dreams, which has irreplaceably promoted the development of China's electronic technology industry!

In response to the call of the new era of national science-based and innovation-based nation, ETCR not only saw the driving force of technology and innovation for enterprises in the new era, but also paid more attention to the humane and people-oriented image building of new-type enterprises. Based on service, with service as the main body and integrity as the core, a corporate culture with integration, penetration, expansion, multi-levels, multi-angles, and wide horizons is established, which enables the company to obtain a more powerful development momentum.

It is also because of the good development of ETCR over the years and the huge contagiousness of corporate culture that it has won the favor and attention of relevant government departments, authoritative institutions, relevant colleges and universities and electronic technology counterparts, and has won more attention for the expansion of ETCR business More right to speak also adds weight to the development of the enterprise itself.

Respond to the new call and open up new ideas; ETCR proposed a new business idea of “Science and technology innovation changes lives, and extreme service changes the world”. The business direction focuses on spreading electronic technology, popularizing electronic technology, and establishing a distinctive and unique corporate image. We will draw new innovative talents to join ETCR and inject a steady stream of power into ETCR's scientific and technological innovation! For detailed company and product introduction, please consult the company's official website