ETCR9500B Wireless HV Transformation Ratio Tester

ETCR9500B Wireless HV Transformation Ratio Tester breaks through the traditional structure, specializing in on-line measurement of high-voltage current transformer in service under 60KV, primary and secondary current of transformers, transformation ratio, and leakage current(ETCR9500B also with phase, polar, ratio difference, angle difference Indication). It consists of high voltage detector, low-voltage secondary current clamp, main engine, high-voltage insulation rods. The wireless transmission signal is able to penetrate obstacles, such as walls of buildings. The signal’s linear transmission distance is about 30m. The HV/LV high accuracy clamp ammeter can be used to measure the current and leakage current varying from 0.01mA to 1000A.HV clamp ammeter can also measure LV current.

 In order to make sure of the high accuracy, stability and reliability during perennial monitoring, special alloy is selected, latest CT technology and magnetic shield technology  are adoptedwhich make sure almost resistance to external magnetic field. 

       Gorgeous blue LCD presents you clear information at a glance and it possesses super large memory space capable of storing 3,000 sets of data.

It connects five knots of insulation rods and applies in test of high/low-voltage lines bearing the voltage below 60KV; its dedicated high-voltage current clamp can easily clip or withdraw the lines to be tested by pressing down or unplugging back the insulation rod, which saves time and runs effectively; so, it is widely used for substation, power plant, power audit department, industrial and mining establishments as well as check station, electrician maintenance departments to conduct current detection, opposing electricity-stealing, outdoors electrical operation etc. The insulation rod is characterized by lightless, moisture protection, high temperature resistance, shock resistance, bending resistance, high insulation, flexibility and so on.

     Functions such as real-time monitoring and historical data search is available, as well as curve drawing, ratio, max, min, average indication, alarm value setting .There are also functions such as data documents saving and historical report printing.

  ETCR9500B Wireless HV Transformation Ratio Tester is called Wireless Transformation Ratio Tester for high voltage; meanwhile it can function as high/low-voltage clip-on ammeter, for high-altitude current tester, high-altitude leakage current tester, clip-on leakage current meter with high accuracy and other products.