ETCR9500C Three-Channel Wireless HV Transformation Ratio Tester

     ETCR9500C Three-Channel Wireless HV Transformation Ratio Tester is a core technological product under the long-term strategy of professional detecting techniques research on electric power instruments developed by ETCR, which is specific for the on-line measurement and detection for primary and secondary current, transformation ratio, error, phase (group) angle difference, polarity, phase sequence, and leaker in the high & low voltage current transformer and the voltage transformers in distribution system under 70KV (such as 10kV or 35kV ), and is composed of high voltage detector, three-channel low-voltage secondary current clamps, principal machine, high-voltage insulating rods, monitoring software, communication link, etc. it adopts the wireless transmission signal that is capable of penetrating wall obstacles with a direct-line transmission distance of about 30m.  ETCR9500C tester is widely applicable to the current detection, abstracting-proof of electricity and field operations of transformer substations, power plants, electrical power inspection departments, industrial and mining enterprises, inspection station, and electrical maintenance departments.

      It adopts the special alloy, the latest CT technology, and the double shielding technology for a high accuracy, stability, and reliability during continuous monitoring in the entire year.  

       It displays four sets of current signals, CT ratio, phase angle difference , and polarity visually in one screen simultaneously, which memory can store 1,500 sets of data; it is available to set the auto-save interval time to monitor leaker.

HV detector breaks the traditional structure with an automatic opening and closing functions, it is easy to clamp or release measured wire by pressing or pulling back insulating rods,   with the advantages of safety and time-saving. The lightweight insulating rod is characterized by thermo stability, moisture-proof, strong shock resistance & bending resistance high-insulation, high flexibility and so on.

Functions such as real-time monitoring, historical data search, accessing, browsing, saving, and printing data available; dynamic display

       ETCR9500C Three-Channel Wireless HV Transformation Ratio Tester , HV & LV clamp current meter, HA current remote sensor, HA leaker tester, High accuracy clamp leaker meter, phase detector,  three-channel leaker recorder ,etc