Hot Selling Products:ETCR4000 Double Clamp Digital Phase Voltmeter

Product Overview

   ETCR4000 Double Clamp Digital Phase Voltmeter direct measurement of AC voltage and AC current in the measured circuit which not open-loop, measure the phase between two voltages, two current and voltage current, and indirectly measure the power factor and power of the circuit. Distinguish three-phase phase sequence, transformer wiring group, inductive and capacitive circuit, test secondary circuit and bus differential protection system, Read out the phase relationship between each group of CT in differential protection, check whether the wiring of the electricity meter is correct or not, overhaul the line equipment etc.It is especially suitable for electric energy billing system and relay protection system.


Product Features

◆  Adopt voltage transformer and current clamp to input, no high voltage inside the meter, complete isolation between 2 input channels,  safe and reliable.

◆   Small sharp clamp is suitable for flat cable dense site.

◆   The instrument use insulated and non-slip sheath.

◆   Large LCD display screen, white backlight, clear display.

◆   High precision, high stability, low power consumption, convenient to use.

Product Display

Technical Specifications


ETCR4000 Double Clamp Digital Phase Voltmeter

Voltage Range

( reference conditions)

020V; Resolution0.01VError±(0.5% range)

0200V; Resolution0.1VError±(0.5% range)

0500VResolution1VError±(0.5% range)

Current Range

 (reference conditions)

0200mA;Resolution0.1mA; Error±(0.5% range)

02AResolution1mAError±(0.5% range)

010A; Resolution10mAError±(0.5% range)

Phase Range

 (reference conditions)


Power Supply


LCD Size

LCD Size:70mm×62mmDisplay Area:64mm×54mm

CT Size


Meter Dimensions




Sampling Rate

About 3 times/second

Measuring phase amplitude range

Measure phase U1-U230V500V

Measure phase I1-I210mA10.00A

Measure phase U1-I2 or I1-U210V500V10mA10.00A

Data Hold

In measurement, press HOLD key to hold dataDH” symbol display

Auto Shut Down

15 minutes after boot up, the meter shuts down automatically without any operation, to reduce battery consumption

Voltage Detection

When the battery voltage is lower than 7.8-8V, low battery symbol  display, to reduce the battery consumption


Test wire length 1.5m; current clamp wire length 2m

Working Current

Open the backlight max 35mA,the battery continue working about 15 hours;

Close the backlight, meter power consumption about 5mA,the battery continue working 100 hours

Input Impedance

Test voltage input impedance: 1MΩ; Measure phase U1U2 voltage input impedance :40KΩ


Host meter: 1PCS; Current Clamp: 2PCS; Test Wire: 4PCS;; Software CD:1COPY; Meter case: 1PCS

Application testing

Test the phase of three-phase four-wire Ua-Ib

Test the phase of three-phase three-wire Uab-Ucb

Judge the phase sequence of three-phase three-wire system