ETCR become new members of GDAM

GDAM(GuangDong Association of Metrology) was founded in 1992, in order to adapt to the market economy, promote the implementation of the measurement method to help enterprises to strengthen the basis of measurement work to improve the quality of measuring instruments, the implementation of industry self-regulation in the construction of calibration testing market by enterprises, units, government administrative departments and metrology front of management and technical personnel to come together and co-founded, the competent authorities of Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision. Over the past decade along with the deepening of reform and opening up and the market economy matures, this will be the support and guidance of the competent authorities, in accordance with the market economy needs to build a non-profit service club organization to operate independently, and serve as a member of society Government to provide the necessary services.

Measurement facilities involved in all aspects of social production and social life. Implementation and development of measurement technology measurement approach is an important basis for national and regional economic development and social civilization. The future I will further develop under the guidance of the Guangdong Association of inspectors measurement calibration member management system internal auditor, measuring and testing technology training, knowledge, deepen the concept of carrying out the measurement method, measurement work to improve the level of the enterprise.