• Product Main Function

    1. Direct measurement of AC voltage and AC current in the measured circuit which not open-loop, measure the phase between two voltages, two current and voltage current, and indirectly measure the power factor and power of the circuit. Distinguish three-phase phase sequence, transformer wiring group, inductive and capacitive circuit, test secondary circuit and bus differential protection system, Read out the phase relationship between each group of CT in differential protection, check whether the wiring of the electricity meter is correct or not, overhaul the line equipment etc.

    2. Voltage Range:0~500V;

    3. Current Range :0~10A;

    4. Phase Range :0~360°;

    5. CT Size:Φ8mm

  • Product Main Function

    1. Simultaneous measurement of two channel AC current, range: 0.0mA~20.0A

    2. Simultaneous measurement of two channel AC voltage, range: 0.00V~600V

    3. Simultaneous measurement the phase between UU, II, UI, range: 0.0°~360.0°

    4. Measurement frequency, phase sequence, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and others parameters.

    5. Judge transformer group, inductive, capacitive circuit, overhaul line device.

    6. Line Voltage: below 600V

    7. CT Size: Φ8mm