• ETCR1100 Low Voltage Transformer Areas Phase Line Identify Meter is used to identify the phase A, B and C of low voltage power supply lines in the same LV transformer areas. Can quickly and accurately identify whether the phase lines and phase of two point in the circuit with a long distance from the same LV transformer areas are consistent or not, and accurately judge whether the measured line and the station transformer output are the same line. Widely used in cable construction, power equipment installation, line maintenance work, is the three-phase unbalanced treatment device installation and construction necessary instruments. Using satellite communication technology, the communication distance is long (up to 8 km), the LV transformer areas is fully covered, and the phase line judgment is fast, accurate and intuitive. The communication between the host machine and slave machine is reliable, small size and easy to carry, especially suitable for LV transformer areas phase line identification in the densely building area.