• ETCR1000C/ 1000D Non-contact Phase Sequence Detector adopt clamp type non-contact induction measurement, no need to peel off the cable skin, no need to contact the high voltage bare live wire. The phase sequence can be detected by directly clamping three ultra-induction and high insulation clamps on the insulation skin of three-phase fire wire respectively .Non-contact measurement, safe and fast, increase productivity .Dynamic acousto-optic display the positive phase or anti-phase state of three-phase power phase sequence, clear at a glance. 4pcs magnets are installed on the bottom plate of the instrument, which can be attached to the metal shell of the equipment in the test, convenient to operate.
  • ETCR4800 Pumping Unit Multimeter simultaneously measurement of the electrical parameters of the oil field: AC current, voltage, frequency, phase between voltage and current, make-break resistance value, maximum current of up and down stroke of pumping unit, stroke ratio, up and down stroke time, stroke times per minute . Judge the working condition of pumping unit, which provides a safe, accurate and convenient oil field instrument for monitoring the electric balance and electric parameters of on-site pumping Wells at any time. Rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery, capacity 1200mAH, equipped with charging interface and charger. The test wire adopts special electric power cable, all the plug of spring rod and crocodile clip have insulated protection. The instrument is insulated with non-slip sheath .USB interface, can store 1000 groups of data, storage data can be uploaded to computer through by system software, realize to data access, read, analyze, save, report and print. Administrator setting function, password entry, including clock Settings, well number Settings, password Settings.
  • ETCR8100B Transformer Core Earth Current Tester suitable of transformer core earth current test; Online testing of AC leakage current, current, frequency. It is mainly used for leakage current test of iron core and clamps of transformer, reactor and other electrical equipment. It can discover the latent faults of transformer in time, and is the main tool to ensure the safe operation and normal maintenance of transformer. Adopts 3.5 inch color touch screen, real-time display the measured current value and waveform, convenient to operation. Large caliber current clamp, no need to disconnect the tested line, easy to carry especially suitable for online testing in field. Non-contact measurement, fast, safe and reliable. The current clamp adopts Permalloy iron core and CT double-layer shielding technology, which performance stability, high accuracy and strong anti-interference ability, suitable for complex interference environment. Alarm function, data storage function, time setting function, serial number setting function. With RS232 interface, communication cable and software, monitoring software has online real-time monitoring and historical data reading, consulting, saving, report and other functions.
  • ETCR8200 Storage Battery Tester can judge whether the battery is well or not by testing the conductance of the battery, quickly find out the battery fault and timely maintain t he battery, so as to give full play to the battery's performance and extend the battery's service life. Used for new battery acceptance and single battery process and performance consistency testing; Match battery team which the battery conductance value error within ±10% can maximize the efficiency of the battery and greatly extend its service life. Through the battery conductance testing, the disabled batteries are found via the transverse comparison of conductance value, and the faulty batteries are quickly found to improve the maintenance and guarantee efficiency. Through daily storage battery conductance/capacity testing, organize discharge capacity test in time to verify actual capacity. Through the battery conductance testing screening and warning, targeted implementation of battery capacity test, improve the battery capacity test and operational performance early warning efficiency.