• Product Main Function

    1. applied to electric power lines below 500KV, high voltage switchgear (metalclad withdraw switchgear, ring main unit, etc.) or substation phase detecting, phase test, phase sequence judgment and electricity inspection, etc

    2. Phase Detection Voltage :10V~500kV

    3. VoltageDisplayRange :0.1kV~35kV

    4. PhaseDetectionDistance :200m

    5. Phase Range :0°~360°

    6. Frequency Range:45.0Hz~65.0Hz

  • Product Main Function

    1. High voltage phase detecting, frequency, phase, phase sequence, electricity testing

    2. The results of the phase detecting are displayed by a wireless receiver and with a corresponding voice prompt.

    3. Phase Range:0.0°~360.0°

    4. Frequency Range:45Hz~65Hz and 215°~265°
    5. Line Voltage:200V~220kV