• Product Main Function

    Measurement of  DC voltage, AC voltage, AC current true RMS, resistance, capacitance, frequency, on-off test, temperature, diode forward voltage drop and others parameters.

    CT Size:Ф27mm

    DC Voltage:0mV~600V

    AC Voltage:0V-600V

    AC Curent:0A-600A




  • Product Main Function

    Measurement of DC current and voltage、AC current & voltage true RMS, resistance, surge, capacitance, frequency, on-off test, temperature, diode forward voltage drop and others parameters. 

    Clamp Size:Ф52mm

    DC Voltage:0mV~1000V

    AC Voltage:0mV-700V

    DC Current:0A~1000A

    AC Current: 0A-1000A

    Resistance:  0Ω~40MΩ


    Frequency: 0Hz~40MHz

  • Product Main Function

    1. Measurement of AC Current, AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, continuity test, diode forward voltage drop and LED working voltage para meters etc.
    2.Max AC/DC voltage reach  :  2000V

    3. Max AC current range  : 2000A

    4. Resistance : 0 Ω~20 MΩ

    5. Capacitance : 0 ~ 2000uF

    6. CT size:55mm