ETCR-FB Flexible Coil Current Sensor

ETCR-FB Flexible Coil Current Sensor

Product Characteristics

1. Measurement of AC current higher harmonic current complex waveforms current transient current、starting current、phase electric energypowerpower factor etc.

2. Current Range: AC 0A ~ 10000A ~ more(Optional)

3. Line Voltage:  Below AC 1000V

4. CT Structure: Rogowski coil

5. Coil Thickness φ12mm

    No exposed metal conductors, non-contact measurement, safe and reliable. Small & light, soft and flexible, suitable for narrow environments and densely packed spaces, as well as measuring conductor currents with large or irregular shapes. Wide range, high precision, high reliability, and response frequency bandwidth. It is especially suitable for industrial environments with severe signal distortion such as relay protection, thyristor rectification, variable frequency speed regulation, semiconductor switch, power electronic conversion equipment, and arc welding.Current range: 0A ~ 10000A ~ more; Resolution: 10mA. The coil length and interface can be customized according to user requirements.
Measurement of AC leakage current large currenthigher harmonic current complex waveforms current transient currentphaseelectric energypowerpower factor etc.
Detection Method
Flexible coil CT: The output signal is the differential of current to time. By integrating the output voltage signal, the input current can be truly restored.
Coil Thickness

Current Range

0A ~ 10000A ~ more
Accuracy Class ±1%FS (50Hz/60Hz;23±2,Below 70%RH, the wire is in the center of the coil)
Phase Error

Coil Output Surface

3.5mm audio frequency plug / PNC plug / tap (optional), line length 2M

Electric Field Interference

No hysteresis effect, not effected by external electric field

Wire Position
The cable in the center of the coil and the position error affects ≤±0.3% FS
Current Frequency
45Hz70Hz (Measured current frequency)

Response Frequency

Line Voltage

Below AC 1000V

Operating Temperature

-20℃~50; below 80%rh

Storage  Temperature

-10℃~60℃;below 70%rh

Insulating Strength

AC 2000V/rms (both ends after the coil is unlocked)

Protection Type
CAT IV 500V 、CAT  1000V
Model Coil Inner Diameter Coil Length Coil Weight Coil Thickness
ETCR50FA φ50mm 160mm 80g φ7.5mm
ETCR100FA φ100mm 320mm 90g
ETCR150FA φ150mm 480mm 100g
ETCR200FA φ200mm 640mm 110g
ETCR300FA φ300mm 950mm 132g
ETCR500FA φ500mm 1580mm 170g
ETCR1000FA φ1000mm 3150mm 290g
ETCR1500FA φ1500mm 4720mm 390g
ETCR200FB φ200mm 320mm 212g φ12mm
ETCR300FB φ300mm 480mm 274g
ETCR500FB φ500mm 640mm 400g
ETCR1000FB φ1000mm 950mm 715g
ETCR2000FB φ2000mm 1580mm 1340g
ETCR3000FB φ3000mm 9420mm 1970g
ETCR-FB Flexible Coil Current Sensor