ETCR2000 Clamp Earth Resistance Tester-ETCR

ETCR2000C Clamp Earth Resistance Tester

Product Main Function

1. Measurement of earth resistance,loop resistance

2. Resistance Measure Range: 0.010Ω~1000Ω

3. Current Measure Range: 0.00mA~30.0A

4. Data Storage:  99 sets

5. Alarm Threshold Setting:1-199Ω

6. Alarm Function: alarm symbol dispaly

7. CT Size: 55mmX32mm

      ETCR2000C Clamp Earth Resistance Tester is applied in measurement of  grounding resistance and the loop resistance (range: 0.010 Ω Ω ~ 1000), leakage current measurement (Range: 0.00mA~30A). When measuring the earth system with loop, there is no need to disconnect the grounding down lead, no need for auxiliary electrode, save and fast ,convenient to use.Widely used in electric power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil fields, construction and industrial electrical equipment grounding resistance measurement.

      ETCR2000C Clamp Earth Resistance Tester can measure the ground fault and applied to the occasions that cannot be measured by traditional methods, because ETCR2000C Clamp Earth Resistance Tester is measuring the comprehensive value of the grounding resistance and the grounding down lead resistance.


 Resistance Range  0.010Ω~1000Ω
 Current Range
 Resistance Resolution
 Current Resolution
 Data Storage
 99 sets
 Alarm Symbol Indication
 PressALkey to turn on / off
 Alarm Threshold Setting Range  Resistance:1~199Ω; Current: 1-499mA
 Power Supply
 6VDC 4 PCS LR6 lkaline batteries
 Working Temperature
 LCD Size
 4 Digits LCD display, Screen: 47mm×28.5mm
 Clamp Size
 Clamp Opening Size
 Tester Weight  1130g
 Tester Dimension  275mm×85mm×56mm
 Protection Level  Double insulation
 Structural Feature  Clamp CT
 Shift  Automatic shift
 External Magnetic Field/Electrical Field  <40A/m;<1V/m
 Single Measurement Time 1 second
 Resistance Measurement Frequency  >1KHz
 Measured Current Frequency  50/60Hz Automatic
Model Clamp Size Range Current Range Data Upload Alarm Function Data Storage Remark
ETCR2000A+ Long clamp 65×32mm 0.01Ω~200Ω None Optional Yes Yes Practical
ETCR2000+ 0.01Ω~1200Ω Basic
ETCR2000B+ 0.01Ω~1200Ω Anti-explosion
ETCR2000C+ 0.01Ω~1200Ω 0.00mA~20.0A Multi-function
ETCR2200 0.01Ω~1500Ω 0.00mA~40.0A Yes high-end
ETCR2000A Long clamp 55×32mm 0.01Ω~200Ω None None Yes Yes Practical
ETCR2000 0.01Ω~1000Ω Basic
ETCR2000C 0.01Ω~1000Ω 0.00mA~30.0A Multi-function
ETCR2100A+ Round clamp Φ32mm 0.01Ω~1200Ω None Optional Yes Yes Basic
ETCR2100+ 0.01Ω~1200Ω Multi-function
ETCR2100C+ 0.01Ω~1200Ω 0.00mA~20.0A Multi-function

 Package  Outer package  Carton
 Inner package  Aluminum case
 Accessory  Meter  1pcs
 Aluminum Case  1pcs
 Test Ring  1pcs
 Manual  1pcs
 Certification  1pcs
 Warranty Card


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