ETCR2200 High-end Multifunction Clamp Earth Resistance Tester

ETCR2200 High-end Multifunction Clamp Earth Resistance Tester

Product Main Function

1. Measurement of earth resistance,loop resistance

2. Resistance Measure Range: 0.010Ω~1500Ω

3. Leakage Current Measure Range: 0.000mA~40.0A

4. Alarm Threshold Setting:Resistance: 1-199Ω ; Current: 1-499mA

5. Alarm Function: audible and visible alarm

6. CT Size: 65mmX32mm

    ETCR2200 High-end Multifunction Clamp Earth Resistance Tester is applied in measurement of  grounding resistance and the loop resistance (range: 0.010 Ω Ω ~ 1500); Leakage current measurement (Range: 0.000mA~40.0A). When measuring the earth system with loop, there is no need to disconnect the grounding down lead, no need for auxiliary electrode, just need to clamp  on the grounding lead directly. At this time, the displayed value of the meter  is the comprehensive value of the grounding resistance and the grounding down lead resistance. This measurement method can quickly and safely to get the measurement results. 

      ETCR Clamp Earth Resistance Tester can measure the ground fault and applied to the occasions that cannot be measured by traditional methods, and it is widely used for the earth resistance measurement of various equipment.

     ETCR2200 High-end Multifunction Clamp Earth Resistance Tester has different kinds of display combination mode,can choose to display at same screen with resistance + current, resistance+time, current+time,measurement range more larger,storage data 999 sets,power consumption more lower,adopt nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery, supporting monitoring software with online real-time monitoring, historical query, software alarm setting, historical data reading, saving, reports and other functions. The better choice for your measurement of earth resistance.


1.Measure Range and Accuracy

Measurement Mode Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy
Resistance 0.010Ω-0.099Ω 0.001Ω ±(1%+0.01Ω)
0.10Ω-0.99Ω 0.01Ω ±(1%+0.01Ω)
1.0Ω-49.9Ω 0.1Ω ±(1%+0.1Ω)
50.0Ω-99.5Ω 0.5Ω ±(1.5%+0.5Ω)
100Ω-199Ω ±(2%+1Ω)
200Ω-395Ω ±(5%+5Ω)
400-590Ω 10Ω ±(10%+10Ω)
600Ω-880Ω 20Ω ±(20%+20Ω)
900Ω-1500Ω 30Ω ±(25%+30Ω)
Current 0.000mA -0.999mA 0.001mA ±(1.5%+0.5mA)
0.00mA -9.95mA 0.01mA ±(2%+1mA)
10.0mA -99.0mA 0.1mA ±(2.5%+5mA)
100mA -300mA 1mA ±(2.5%+20mA)
0.30A-2.99A 0.01A ±(2.5%+0.1A)
3.0A-9.9A 0.1A ±(2.5%+0.3A)
10.0A-19.9A 0.1 A ±(2.5%+0.5A)
20.0A-40.0A 0.1 A ±(3%+1A)

2.Technical Specifications


 Resistance Range


 Resistance Resolution


 Resistance Max Accuracy


 Current Range


 Current Resolution


 Current Max Accuracy


 Data Storage

 999 Sets


 USB interface, software monitoring, data upload computer, dynamic display

 Self-test Time

 ≤1s,Boot into the test mode quickly

 Working Current


 Operation Button

 6 soft keys, better performance

 Communication Cable length

 1.5m(USB cable)

 Clock Function

 Display hour and minute

 Audible and VisibleAlarm

 "Beep--beep--beep--" alarm sound, press the AL key to turn on and off; LCD alarm flashing indication

 Alarm threshold setting range


Current: 1-499mA

 power supply

 3.7VDC(Rechargeable lithium batteries2600mAh)

 Auto Power Off

 The instrument flashes 30S after 5 minutes without any operation, and then auto power off

 Working Temperature

 -20℃-55℃; 10%RH-90%RH

 LCD Size


 Clamp Size


 Clamp Opening Size


 Tester Weight


 Tester Size


 Protection Level

 Double insulation

 Structural Features

 Clamp CT


 Auto Shift

 External Magnetic Field, Electric Field


 Single Measurement Time


 Resistance Measurement Frequency


 Measured Current Frequency

 50/60Hz Auto

Model Clamp Size Range Current Range Data Upload Alarm Function Data Storage Remark
ETCR2000A+ Long clamp 65×32mm 0.01Ω~200Ω None Optional Yes Yes Practical
ETCR2000+ 0.01Ω~1200Ω Basic
ETCR2000B+ 0.01Ω~1200Ω Anti-explosion
ETCR2000C+ 0.01Ω~1200Ω 0.00mA~20.0A Multi-function
ETCR2200 0.01Ω~1500Ω 0.00mA~40.0A Yes high-end
ETCR2000A Long clamp 55×32mm 0.01Ω~200Ω None None Yes Yes Practical
ETCR2000 0.01Ω~1000Ω Basic
ETCR2000C 0.01Ω~1000Ω 0.00mA~20.0A Multi-function
ETCR2100A+ Round clamp Φ32mm 0.01Ω~1200Ω None Optional
Yes Basic
ETCR2100+ 0.01Ω~1200Ω Yes
ETCR2100C+ 0.01Ω~1200Ω

 Package  Outer package  Carton
 Inner package  Aluminum case
 Accessory  Meter  1pcs
 Test Ring
 Monitoring Sofeware(CD)
 USB Communication/charge Cable  1pcs
 Tester Case
 Manue/Warranty Card/Certification  1sets

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