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ETCR2800N Built-in Grounding Resistance Online Tester

Product Main Function
1. On - line monitoring the earth resistance of grounding system

2. Measure Range: 0.010Ω~200Ω

3. Equip with RS485( support MODBUS-RTU communication protocol) or GPRS interface

4. can be built into inside case  of other equipment ,convenient the secondary development and integration by users

5. Network system can be built to realize real-time detection and remote monitoring

     ETCR2800 Non-contact Earth Resistance On-line Monitor is high-tech product that our company has devoted to "grounding resistance detection technology research" for more than ten years, specialize for online monitoring grounding down lead connection status, circuit grounding resistance and metal circuit connection resistance range: 0.010Ω~200Ω. On-line testing, non-contact measurement, grounding wire pass through the perforation of the detector, definitely will not influence grounding effective for lightening and normal operation, no need the self-inspection, real time on-line testing. Provide RS485 wire communication (support MODBUS-RTU communication protocol) or GPRS wireless communication data transmission, The monitor is composed of sensor and PCB module, which is suitable for user secondary development integration. 

     ETCR2800 Non-contact Earth Resistance On-line Monitor can install and use singly, and also can set up wired or wireless network system. 

  Function  Loop circuit grounding resistance on-line monitoring, metal return circuit resistance connection online monitoring, grounding condition monitoring. anti-theft monitoring of grounding wires and metal cables
 Power Supply  Detector:6VDC~9VDC,50mA Max(external power supply).
 Resistance  Range  0.01Ω~200Ω
 Resolution  0.001Ω
 Accuracy  ±2%rdg±3dgt(20℃±5℃,below 70%RH)
 PCB Size  122mm×56mm×20mm
 Sensor Size  ETCR2800N:110mm×80mm×55mm
 Sensor Perforation Size  ETCR2800N:65mm×36mm
 Sensor Weight  ETCR2800N:680g;
 Overflow Indication  Test data>200Ω, communication send “OLΩ” command
 PCB Interface  J1:Signal output, power input interface       
 J2:Sensor and PCB interface
 Symbol J1  P+:Power input with positive R+:Signal output with positive
 P-:Power input ground     R-: Signal output with negative
 GND:Signal ground, short connect with power input ground (P-)
 Symbol J2  I+、I-Current coil interface U+、U-Voltage coil interface
 GND:Common ground
 Connect Wire  1pcs ,1 meter length(5 core wire)
 Connection Identifier  Red/brown---power supply input anode;
 Black--- power supply input cathode;
 Blue---RS485 signal anode;
 Grey---RS485 signal cathode;
 White--- grounding wire shield
 (power supply input cathode can connects with analog grounding by short circuit connection)
 Communication method  RS485 communication protocol(support MODBUS)
 GPRS communication (optional)
 Working Temperature And Humidity  -20℃~55℃; 20%RH~90%RH
 Shift  Automatic shift
 Grounding lead Interference Current  Should be avoid
 External Magnetic Field  <40A/m
 External Electric Field  <1V/m
 Single Measurement time  About 0.5 second
 Working current  50mA Max.
 Installation  The ground wire goes through the center hole of the sensor
 Installation Demand  PCB should install into other protective case

Model CT Structure Range Difference
ETCR2800B Close loop 0.010Ω~200Ω NO LCD and Indicator light, need to build Internet
ETCR2800C Close loop
0.010Ω~200Ω With LCD, Alarm Setting,Sound and light alarm indication
ETCR2800KB Split-core 0.010Ω~100Ω No need to disconnect the grounding wire in installing,detector with sound and light alarm indication
ETCR2800KC Split-core 0.010Ω~100Ω No need to disconnect the grounding wire in installing, detector with LCD, Alarm Setting, sound and light alarm indication
ETCR2800N Close loop and built-in type
0.010Ω~200Ω No shell, suitable for secondary development
ETCR2900 None 0.01Ω~2000Ω Need ground auxiliary pile,communicate with the computer directly, dector with LCD, alarm setting,sound and light alarm indication

 Package  Outer package  Carton
 Inner package  None
 Accessory  Meter  1 pcs
 Power and Communication Cable  1 pcs
 PCB module  1 pcs
 Certificate   1 pcs
 Manual  1pcs 
 Warranty Card  1 pcs

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