ETCR7000 Large Caliber Leakage Clamp Meter  - ETCR

ETCR7000 Large Caliber Leakage Clamp Meter

Product Main Function

1. Measurement of AC current , leakage current

2. Range:  0.00mA~2000A

3. Data Storage: 200 groups

4. Line Voltage: below 600V

5. CT Size: 80mm x 80mm

       ETCR7000 Large Caliber Leakage Clamp Meter  is specially designed and manufactured for measuring ac leakage current and current, adopts CT technology and digital integration technology, large caliber (80mm×80mm: can clamp φ80mm cable, or 96mm×4mm  grounding flat steelespecially suitable for cable leakage current and transformer grounding flat steel leakage current detection.) Automatic, can test one channel leakage current (current), convenient and fast.

       ETCR7000 Large Caliber Leakage Clamp Meter iron core select and make with special alloy, adopts magnetic shielding technology, almost unaffected by the external magnetic field, ensures long time continuous measurement of strong anti-interference ability, ensure high accuracy, high stability and high reliability. The meter with the USB interface, can storage data 99 groups, systme software can upload storage data to computer, realize online real-time monitoring and historical query, dynamic display, with historical data reading, saving, printing and other functions.The instrument also has backlight function and data retention function, which is a necessary tool for electrical safety testing.

 Measurement of AC leakage current, current

 Power Supply 

 6V DC(LR6X4PCS), continues working 12 hours

 Test Method

 Clamp CT,integration method

 CT Size

 80mm×80mm (an clamp φ80mm cable, or 96mm×4mm  grounding flat steel)

 Measure Accuracy (23℃±3℃, below 70%RH,  measured wire at the center of the clamp)
 0.00mA~300A: ±1.5%±3dgt
 300A~1200A:  ±2%±3dgt    
 1200A~2000A: ±4%±3dgt


 Current: 0.01mA
 Tested Conductor Position  The detected conductor is in the center position of the clamp

 Data Storage

 99 groups, flash display “FULL” symbol indicate storage full

 USB Interface

 With USB interface, storage data can be uploaded to computer, convenient to data analyze

 Communication Cable
 USB communication cable, length: 1.8M





 Sampling Rate

 2 times/second

 Line Voltage

 Below AC 600V circuit test

 Display Mode
 4 digital LCD display,47mm×28.5mm

 Meter Dimension



 Yes, controlled by LIGHT key

 Data Hold

 Data hold function: “HOLD” symbol display

 Overflow Display

 Exceed measure range overflow function: “OL” symbol display

 Automatic Shutdown

 Start up for about 5 minutes without operation, backlight automatically shutdown; After starting up for about 15 minutes without any operation. the meter flash screen about 10s and automatically shuts down to reduce battery consumption. Press any button to cancel the flash screen.

 Battery Voltage

 While battery voltage is lower than 5.2V. low battery voltage symbol display, remind to replace the battery



 Working Current

 Open backlight 50mA;  close backlight 25mA

 Working Environment
 -10℃~40℃;below 80%rh
 Store Environment 
 -10℃~60℃;  below 70%rh
 Insulation Strengh
  AC3700V/rms(Between iron core and shell)
 Suitable Safe Standard
 IEC1010-1、IEC1010-2-032、Pollution2、CAT Ⅲ(600V)

Model Description
Range Resolution CT Size
ETCR7000 Large Caliper Clamp Leakage Current Meter AC 0.00mA~2000A 0.01mA 80×80mm
ETCR7000B Large Caliper Clamp Current Meter AC 0.0A~2500A 0.1A
ETCR7100 Super Large Caliber Clamp Leakage Current Meter
AC 0.0mA~3200A 0.1mA 108×148mm
ETCR7100A Super Large Caliber Clamp Current Meter
AC 0.0A~4000A 0.1A
ETCR7100D Super Large Caliber DC/AC Clamp Current Meter

AC 0.0A~1000A

DC 0.0A~2000A


 Meter  1 PCS
 Meter Case  1 PCS
 Data upload software (CD)  1 COPY
 USB Special Communication cable  1 PCS
 Manual  1 PCS
 Certification  1 PCS
 Warranty Card  1 PCS

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