ETCR9600  Low Voltage Transducer Transformation Ratio Tester-ETCR

ETCR9600 LV Transducer Transformation Ratio Tester

Product Main Function

1. Online test the leakage current, current, transformation ratio, ratio error, angle error, phase and polarity of the primary and secondary circuit of the current transformer in the 380V/220V distribution system

2. Transformation Ratio Measurement Range: 1~500
3. Transformation Ratio Resolution : 0.1

4. Primary Current Clamp Test Accuracy : Range:0.0A~800A;Resolution:0.1A; Accuracy:±0.5%FS((23℃±3℃,below 70%RH,the  detected conductor is in the center position of the clamp);

5. Secondary Current Clamp Test Accuracy : Range:0.00mA~5A;Resolution:0.01mA;Accuracy:±0.5%FS 

6. Primary Current Clamp Size : 80mm×80mm

7. Secondary Current Clamp Size :φ8mm

         ETCR9600  Low Voltage Transducer Transformation Ratio Tester widely used in 380/220v power system, this instrument is composed of the host machine, primary current clamp CT1 and secondary current clamp CT2, which can conveniently and quickly realize online on-site inspection of the current transducer in the metering device, and the measuring of the current and leakage current magnitude in the 380/220v power system, relized to accurate testing the current transducer transformer ratio, angle difference, phase and polarity in actual operation without power failure.

Reference Condition

Influence constant
Reference Condition Working Condition
Environment Terperature 23℃±5℃ -15℃~50℃
Environment Humidity 40%~60% <80%
Sine Wave Distortion
≤1% ≤3%
Signal Frequency 50HZ±5HZ 45HZ~65HZ
Angel Error Test Primary Current Clamp 60A±1A 0.0A±800A
Secondary Current Clamp 1A±0.2A 10mA~5A
External Electric & magnetic Field Should avoid
The tested wire position The tested wire is at the center of the clamp

Technical Parameter

 Fuction  Current, transformation ratio, ratio error, angle error test, phase and polarity adjustment of the low voltage primary and secondary circuit of the current transducer
 Primary Current Clamp Test Accuracy   Range:0.0A~800A;Resolution:0.1A; Accuracy:±0.5%FS( 23℃±3℃,below 70% RH,the detected conductor is in the center position of the clamp);
 Secondary Current Clamp Test Accuracy  Range:0.00mA~5A;Resolution:0.01mA;Accuracy:±0.5%FS
 Transformation Ratio Measurement Range  1~500
 Transformation Ratio Resolution  0.1
 Angle Error Test Accuracy  Range:0~360°;Accuracy:±3°
 Automatic Shut Down  15 minutes after boot up, the meter shuts down automatically without any operation
 Battery Specification  Alkaline batteries (1.5V AAA × 4)
 Battery Voltage  When battery voltage is lower than 4.8V, low battery voltage symbol  will display and remind to replace battery. 
 Overflow Display  Exceed measure range overflow function: “OLA” symbol display
 Sampling Rate  3 times/second
 Data Storage  3000 groups
 Primary Current  Clamp Size  Jaw Size:φ80mm×80mm; Out Shape Size: 76mm×255mm×31mm
 Secondary Current Clamp Size  Jaw Size: φ8mm; Out Shape Size: 137mm×40mm×19.5mm
 Host Dimension  75mm×170mm×30mm
 Current Clamp Cable Length  2M
 Instrument Weight  1000g
 Insulation Strength  AC3700V/rms between the core and shell

 Model Primary Current Clamp Secondary Current Clamp  Transformation Ratio Angle Error
Connection Way of Primary Current clamp and Host
 ETCR9600 0.0A~800A 0.00mA~5A 1~500 0~360° Wire Conncetion
 ETCR9620 0.0A~3000A 0.00mA~5A 1~500 0~360° Wire Connection
 ETCR9620B 0.0A~3000A 0.00mA~5A 1~500 None Wireless Transmission

 Host  1 PCS
 Primary Current Clamp  1 PCS
 Secondary Current Clamp  1 PCS
 Tool bag  1 PCS
 Manual  1 PCS
 Certificate  1 PCS
 Warranty Card  1 PCS