ETCR082K Microampere Leakage Current Sensor

ETCR082K Microampere Leakage Current Sensor

Product Characteristics

1:High accuracy AC leakage currenthigher harmonic currentphasepower energypower power factor measuremente etc.

2:Range :0.00mA~60A AC

3:Turn Ratio:1000:1

4:Resolution :0.01mA

5:Accuracy Class : 1.0

6:Safety Class : CATⅢ600V 

7:CT Size:80mm x 26mm

ETCR082K split type flat port leakage current sensor is suitable for high-precision detection of AC leakage current, high-order harmonic current, phase, electric energy, power, power factor and so on. Using new CT technology, opening and closing structure design, no need to disconnect the tested line, non-contact measurement, safe and fast, can connect phase detection analyzer, industrial control device, data recorder, oscilloscope, harmonic analyzer, power quality analyzer, high-precision digital multimeter and so on. It is widely used in electric power, communications, meteorology, railway, oil field, construction, metrology, scientific research and teaching units, industrial and mining enterprises and other fields.

The iron core of ETCR082K split type flat port  leakage current sensor is made of permalloy, double-layer shielding technology is adopted, and the influence of external magnetic field is minimal, which ensures high precision, high stability and high reliability of year-round uninterrupted measurement. The transformer can output current and voltage signals, and the measuring range, output signal and output interface of the transformer can be customized according to customer requirements.


 High accuracy AC leakage current、higher harmonic current、phase、

  power energy、power 、power factor measuremente etc. It is especially

  suitable for flat steel grounding places.

 CT Size  85mm×20mm
 Opening Mode  Opening and closing type
 Shield  Double-layer shielding ,minimal effect of external magnetic fields
 Dimension  132mm×101mm×25mm
 CT Size  80mm×26mm
 Current Range  AC 0.00mA~60.0A
 Resolution  0.01mA
 Output Method  Current sensing output:1mA/1A
  Accuracy Class  1
 Phase Error  ≤1°
 Turn Ratio 1000:1
 Reference Load  0 ~ 600mA≤ 300Ω ; 0~ 6A≤ 30Ω ; 0~ 60A ≤ 3Ω
 Weight  800g
 Output Interface  Connection terminal (S1, S2 coil tap terminal, GND shielded terminal)
 Working Frequency   10Hz~100KHz
 Working Temperature  -15℃~50℃
 Insulating Strength  AC3700V/ms ( between the core and coil)
 Safety Class  CATⅢ600V
Model Range Resolution Accuracy Class Turn Ratio CT Size Weight Remark
ETCR082K 0.00mA~60A AC 0.01mA 1  1000:1 80mm×26mm 800g No mounting parts
ETCR085K 0.00mA~60A AC 0.01mA 1  1000:1 85mm×20mm 900g

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