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ETCR9220B Wireless H/L Voltage Clamp Leakage Current Meter

Product Main Function

1. Measurement of H/L voltage AC leakage current (above 600V operate with insulation rod)

2. Range : AC   0.00mA~60.0A

3. Resolution : 0.01mA

4. Data Storage : 99 groups

5. Line Voltage : Test of the wire with insulation skin below 60kV, test of  bare wire below 35kV (operate with insulation rod)

6. CT Size :φ68mm

    ETCR9220B Wireless H/L Voltage Clamp Leakage Current Meter  adopts CT  technology and mask digital integration technology, the instrument composed of special clamp current meter and  high voltage insulation rod, wireless transmit test data,equiped with wireless receiver which can receive the tested data within straight line distance 30M. If not use  insulation rod, which can be used as high accuracy low voltage clamp current meter. 

   ETCR9220B series H/L Voltage Clamp Leakage Current Meter connect with insulation rod, which can use for high voltage line current measurement of   the wire with insulation skin below 60KV or bare wire below 35KV, online current measurements, also with peak hold, data hold and data storage and so on others functions, the special clamp current meter convenient to clamp or withdraw the tested wire operate by push or pull back the insulation rod, save time and convenient. It is widely used in substations, power plants, and industrial and mining enterprises, inspection stations, electrical maintenance departments for current detection and electrical field operations. It also can replace the H/L voltage transformation ratio tester, which can measure the H/L voltage current of the primary circuit and the secondary circuit respectively, and then calculate the H/L voltage transformation ratio. The insulation rod is light, has the characteristics of moisture-proof, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, bending resistance, high insulation, scalable and so on.

 Function   Measurement of H/L voltage AC leakage current
 Power Supply   DC 6V (LR03×4 alkaline dry batteries)
 Test Mode   Clamp CT, integration method, the instrument can be hung on the line to test, more convenient to operation
 Transmission Mode   433MH wireless transmission
 Transmission Distance   30M
 CT Size   φ68mm
 Measurement Range   0.00mA~60.0A(50/60Hz automatic)
 Resolution   0.01mA
 Shift   0.00A~60.0A automatic shift
 Accuracy ((23℃±5℃, below RH<80%)   0.00mA~999mA:±1%±5dgt
 Sampling Rate   2 time/second
 Display Mode   4-digit LCD display
 LCD Size   Detector: LCD 35mm×21.5mm
  Receiver: LCD 47mm×28.5mm
 Meter Size   Detector 135mm×218mm×60mm
  Receiver 78mm×165mm×42mm
 Data Storage  99 groups ,display the stored array number during storage of basic products; "MEM" symbol indicates during storage of wireless products,“FULL” symbol display indicate that storage full"
 Line Voltage  Below 60kV current test with insulated skin wire; below 35kV bare wire test (operate with insulation rods)
 Data Hold  In general test mode, press HOLD key to hold data, “DH” symbol display. press HOLD Key once again to cancel this function
 Data Access   “MR” symbol indication, can access all storage data
 Overflow Display   Exceed measure range overflow function: “OL A” symbol display
 No Signal Indication  When the receiver has not received transmit signal, dynamic display “no- -”symbol
 Automatic Shut Down  15 minutes after boot up, the meter shuts down automatically without any operation, to reduce battery consumption
 Batter Voltage  When battery voltage is lower than 4.8V, display low battery voltage symbol “ ”, and remind to replace the battery
 Meter Weight  3930g( Including insulation rod and battery)
 Working Environment  -10℃~40℃; Below 80%rh
 Store Environment ‘ -10℃~60℃; Below 70%rh
 Interference  avoid 315MHz, 433MHz same-frequency signal interference
 Insulation Rod Dimension  φ32mm,1m×5PCS
 Insulation Strength  Detcetor/Receiver: AC 2kV/rms ( between the out shell screws)
 AC110kV/rms(all 5pcs insulation rod connect, between the two ends) 
 Structure  Anti-Dripping Type II
Model Description
Range Resolution Clamp Note
ETCR9200 H/L Voltage Clamp Current Meter 0mA~1200A 1mA Φ68mm  Base type
ETCR9200B Wireless H/L Voltage Clamp Current Meter Wireless type
ETCR9220  H/L Clamp Leakage Current Meter 0.00mA~60.0A 0.01mA Φ68mm  Base type
ETCR9220B  Wireless H/L Clamp Leakage Current Meter Wireless type

Package  Outer Package  Carton
 Inner Package  Cloth bag
 Accessory   Detector  1 PCS
 Antenna  1 PCS
 Insulation Rod(1M)  5 PCS
 Tool Bag  1 PCS
 Manual  1 PCS
 Certificate  1 PCS
 Warranty Card  1 PCS