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ETCR3800A ALightning Protection Component Tester

Product Characteristics

1. Applied to testing the performance parameters of the lightning protection elements such as metal oxide varistor(MOV) and gas discharge tube (GDT) and the insulation resistance (Mohm) , polarization index (PI), dielectric absorption ratio (DAR).

2. Initial action voltage test,Range:50~3000V

3. Leakage Current ,Range:0~1000μA

4. GDT Test for Discharge Tube:

5. DC breakdown voltage test,Range:0~3000V

6. Data Storage :1000 groups

7. Touch Color Screen Display

8. USB data upload function

ETCR3800A ALightning Protection Component Tester used for testing the pressure-sensitive resistance(MOV),discharge tube(GDT).The meter with high voltage short circuit protecion ,overcurrent protection,self-inspection function,automatic range adjustment ,large output power,Initial action voltage U1mA.Test Range:50~3000V, Leakage Current Range:0~1000μA,DC breakdown voltage test,Range:50~3000V,good repeatability.Also has the qualified range setting, the qualified judgment screening function.Widely used in lightning arrester, lightning protector, surge protector, varistor, cermet discharge tube, direct air lightning protection tube and other overvoltage protection components performance parameters. The instrument adopts touch color screen with direct function, one-click measurement, simple and fast operation, accurate and reliable, excellent test stability and anti-interference ability, safe and durable.At the same time, the meter uses a large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, with functions such as data storage, data review, qualification judgment, automatic shutdown, and USB data upload.

ETCR3800A ALightning Protection Component Tester with anti-vibration, dust-proof and moisture-proof structure, the whole machine is beautiful and durable, suitable for harsh working environment. It is a commonly used instrument for weather protection, electricity, communication, electromechanical installation and maintenance, lightning protection component manufacturers, and industrial enterprises.

1. Range and Measurement Accuracy

Measure Function

Output Voltage

Measure Range



Test Condition


Initial action voltage U (1mA) 





LeakageCurrent I (0.75U, 1mA)






DC breakdown voltage Vsdc





2.Others Technical Parameters

Power Supply

DC 7.2V 2600mAH rechargeable lithium battery (continues working above 3 hours)

Test mode

DC power drop method



Display Mode

Touch color LCD, LCD size: 108mm×65mm

Host Dimension




Test Wire

Red wire 1M, black wire 1M

Boost Speed Setting

5 boost level in total

High Voltage Threshold Value Setting

Adjusting with step "250V", the maximum can be set to 3000V

Qualified Range Setting


Qualified Judgment Function

Buzzer indication, qualified ring once, unqualified three rings

Overvoltage Protection


Data Storage

MOV 1000 groups; GDT 1000 groups; Insulation resistance: 1000 groups, storage space used and remaining capacity indication

Data Upload

USB interface, storage test record can be uploaded to computer

Battery Voltage

Battery charge indication, low battery voltage remind to replace the battery

Auto Shut down

25 minutes after boot up, the meter shuts down automatically without any operation


Host: 1PCS; Test wires: 2PCS; Alligator clip: 2PCS; Probe: 2PCS; Charger: 1PCS; USB communication cable: 1PCS;Meter bag: 1PCS

Model Varistor Test Discharge tube Test Insulation resistance Test
ETCR3800A Yes Yes No
ETCR3800B Yes Yes Yes

  Meter  1pcs
 Test wires(1red and 1black)  2pcs
  Alligator clip(1red and 1black)  2pcs
 Charger(12V/2A)  1pcs
 Communication cable  1pcs
 CD  1pcs
 Aluminum case  1pcs
 Manual、Warranty Card、Certificate  1pcs

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