ETCR3850 TVS Tester-ETCR

ETCR3850 TVS Tester

Product Characteristics

1:Reverse breakdown voltage test of unidirectional and bidirectional TVS transistors

2: Range : 0~400V

3: Data Storage :1000 groups

4: Touch Color Screen Display

5: USB data upload function

   ETCR 3850 transient suppression diode tester, also known as TVS tester, is specially designed for testing the performance of TVS diodes. Among the performance indicators of transient suppression diodes, the most important index is "reverse breakdown voltage". This product is designed for this index detection.

   This product adds LCD liquid crystal display function. The LCD liquid crystal display part is mainly composed of voltage threshold input, qualification judgment, test result display, real-time voltage and current display, measurement record usage, battery power display, test record display and test record operation. The product has the function of recording test results, and 1000 test records can be stored in each gear. users can view and operate the test results, and at the same time, they can use the host computer software equipped by our company to view and operate the test records. it provides users with the function of exporting test records, and users can export test records to EXCEL tables. In this way, users can view, compare and analyze the test data.

1. Range and Measurement Accuracy

Range Accuracy Resolution
Voltage(DC) 0V~50V ±0.3V-±0.5V 0.8mV
(23℃±5℃,75%rh below)

2.Technical Parameters

  Function   Reverse breakdown voltage test of unidirectional and bidirectional TVS tubes (transient-suppression diodes).
Power Supply
  External power adapter to power supply; AC110V~240V change to DC12V
 Built-in Battery  Rechargeable lithium battery: 7.4V、2600mAh, repeat charge around 1000 times
 Voltage Range  0V~400V
 Current Resolution  0.26uA
 Data Storage  Storage 1000 groups test record for each gear
 Test Record Query  Support test record query and operate
 Communication Mode  Serial communication
 Display Mode  Color touch screen
 LCD Size  108mm×65mm
 Host Dimension  212mm×175mm×76mm
 Short Circuit Protection  When the output end of the meter is short circuit, it will stop the output automatically to protect the safety of meter and the worker.
 LCD Display  Display the real-time voltage and current data, display the test results after the test is completed, as well as the measurement record, battery power and other information
 CHARGE Light  Charge indication light, In charging, the charger indicator lamp light on red, full charge light on green
 Working Indication Light  When the user clicks the start button on the screen, the meter starts to output voltage and the blue indicator lamp lights up. After the test complete, the lamp goes out.

  Meter  1pcs
 Test wires(1red and 1black)  2pcs
  Alligator clip(1red and 1black)  2pcs
 Charger(12V/2A)  1pcs
 Communication cable  1pcs
 CD  1pcs
 Aluminum case  1pcs
 Manual、Warranty Card、Certificate  1pcs

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