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ETCR1100 Phase Line Identify Meter In Low-Voltage Transformer Areas

Product Main Function

1. Identify the phase lines in the same transformer region(Phase A,B and C)

2. Phase Line State:dynamic LED indication

3. Rate Voltage:three-phase four-wire: 3x220/380V

4. Communication Distance:8KM

5. Identify Time:≤5 seconds

       ETCR1100 Phase Line Identify Meter In Low-Voltage Transformer Areas is a portable power supply phase line identify device, used to identify the phase A, B and C of low voltage power supply lines in the same transformer region. ETCR1100 Transformer Region Phase Line Identify Meter consists of host, slave, RF antenna and test line. The communication distance of the meter is far (up to 8 km), The phase line can be quickly judged even in the  densely building transformer area of the city , which is accurate, intuitive, small in size, easy to carry, safe and fast in operation.

       The instrument use satellite communication new technologies,  can quickly and accurately identify whether the two points phase lines in a long distance are consistent with each other in the same transformation region. Widely used in cable construction, power equipment installation, line maintenance work

 Model  ETCR1100
 Function  Transformer Region Phase Line Identify Meter
 Power Consumption  3W
 Transmit Power  1W
 Communication Distance  8KM
 Antenna  Host: Sucker antenna; Slave:Glue stick antenna
 Total Weight  1.7KG
 Rate Voltage  three-phase four-wire: 3x220/380V
 Frequency  50Hz
 Identify Time  ≤5 seconds
 Identify Success Rate  >99%
 Slave Device Power Supply  DC 7.4V 2.6Ah rechargeable lithium battery
 Host (Slave) Size  162mmX85mmX49mm
 Host (Slave) Weight   Host: 235g; Slave: 320g
 Host Test Wires  (alligator clip+ rod ejection plug) cable length 2M
 Slave Device Test Wire  (probe + rod ejection plug ) cable length 1M
 Working Temperature  -10℃ ~ 40℃; Below 80%Rh
 Store Temperature  -10℃ ~ 60℃; Below 70%Rh
 Insulation Strength  AC 3700V/rms ( between the PCB and shell)

Host Machine 1 PCS
Slave Mcchine 1 PCS
Test Wires 6 PCS
FR Sucker Antenna(feed line 2M) 1 SET Host
GPS Planar Antenna 1 PCS Host
RF Glue Stick Antenna 1 PCS Slave
Charger 12V/2A 1 PCS
Meter bag 1 PCS
Certificate, Manual,Warranty Card 1 SET

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