ETCR1600 Wireless High Voltage Phase Detector-ETCR

ETCR1600 Wireless High Voltage Phase Detector

Product Main Function

1. High voltage phase detecting, frequency, phase, phase sequence, electricity testing

2. The results of the phase detecting are displayed by a wireless receiver and with a corresponding voice prompt.

3. Phase Range:0.0°~360.0°

4. Frequency Range:45Hz~65Hz and 215°~265°
5. Line Voltage:200V~220kV

     ETCR1600 Wireless High Voltage Phase Detector used in power line or substation electricity testing, phase detecting, phase testing, phase sequence judgment, and transformer groups judgment etc.(line voltage: 200V~220kV). The phase detector adopt wireless transmission technology, transmission distance reach 30M; The 3.5-inch LCD color screen can display the phase, frequency, phase sequence, and phasing results on the same screen. The dynamic vector diagram indication, clear and intuitive. with Voice prompt: "X signal is normal, Y signal is normal, same phase, out phase". For the phase detecting of the high voltage line (the voltage exceeds 400V), the metal hook probe of the detector can be gradually approached to the conductor. When induce the electric field signal can complete the phase detecting. The phase detecting results are directly displayed on the wireless receiver, when the voltage of bare wire exceeds 35kV, must use the non-contact phase detecting for safety.     

     ETCR1600 Wireless High Voltage Phase Detector consists of host, detector, telescopic insulation rod, monitoring software and USB communication cable etc. The monitoring software has the functions of online real-time monitoring, historical data query, vector graph indication and phase indication. With historical data reading, accessing, saving, printing and other functions

 Power Supply  Host: DC9V, alkaline battery LR6X 6PCS
 Detector: zinc-manganese dry battery 6F22, 9V
 LCD Size  3.5inch Color Display;Display area:71mm×53mm
 Phase Detecting Voltage  200V~220kV
 Phase Detecting Mode  Contact mode phase detecting: Bare wires below 35kV or wires with insulation skin below 220kV can contact the conductor to phase detecting.
 Non-Contact mode phase detecting: the bare wire line voltage exceeds 35kV, must adopt non-contact mode to testing, the probe gradually approach the conductor to phasing detecting.
 Phase Range  0.0°~360.0°; Accuracy :≤ ±12°: Resolution: 0.1°
 Frequency Range  45.0Hz~65.0Hz; Accuracy:≤±2Hz; Resolution: 0.1Hz
 Phase Qualitative  Same Phase:-25°~25; Out Phase: 95°~145° and 215°~265
 Transmitting Frequency  433MHz、315MHz
 External Interference  Non extra strong electromagnetic field;without 433MHz, 315MHz same frequency interference
 Transmission Distance  Wireless transmission, straight-line transmission distance about 30M
 Display Speed  2 times/second
 Phase Indication  Pharos diagram and digital display
 Power Indication  Detector with green power indicator
 Working Indication  Phase detector with sound and light indication function, red double flash indicator and "beep - beep - beep" buzzing sound.
 Data Storage  9999 groups
 Data Upload Function  Yes
 Automatic Shutdown  5 minutes after boot up, the meter shuts down automatically without any operation
 Power Consumption  Host:150mA Max
 Detector:30mA Max
 Working Temperature   -10℃~40℃;below 80%rh
 Store Temperature   -20℃~60℃;below 70%rh
 Protect Level  IP63
 Insulation Test  The insulation rod stretched to both ends: AC 220 kV / rms
 Host, detector: AC3700V / rms (between exposed metal and plastic shell)
 Insulation Rod Length  Max Diameter:Ø38mm; Length: Contraction state 1050mm; Stretched state 4850mm
 Suitable Safety Standard  GB13398-92、GB311.1-311.6-8、3DL408-91,《General technical requirements for portable nuclear power apparatus for use in 1kV ~ 35kV portable power plants DL/T971-2005》
IEC61481-A2;2004;IEC 61243-1 ed.2:2003
 Weight  Host:950g
 Meter Size  Host:195mm×100mm×45mm

Packge  Outer Package  Carton
 Inner Package  Cloth bag
 Accessory  Meter  1 PCS
 Detector  2 PCS


 2 PCS

 Hook Probe

 2 PCS

 Inspection Cable

 1 PCS
 Insulation Rod  2 PCS

 USB Data Cable

 1 PCS
 Manual  1 PCS
 Warranty Card  1 PCS
 Test Ring  1 PCS
 Aluminum case  1 PCS

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