ETCR8300F Three Channel Flexible Coil Current Monitoring Recorder-ETCR

ETCR8300F Three Channel Flexible Coil Current Monitoring Recorder

Product Main Function

1. At the same time online monitoring and recording 1 ~ 3 channel AC leakage current and current; 

2. Used for circuit insulation fault troubleshooting, monitoring intermittent leakage fault, check the happen time of insulation fault and maintenance lines, etc.

3. Range : AC 0.00A~20.00kA

4. Resolution: AC 10mA ; Accuracy : ±2%±5dgt ;

5. Current Clamps Quantity: 1 - 3PCS (selection); 

6. Data Storage: 200,000 groups  (Power down or replace battery will not lose the data) ;

7. Clamp Size : φ50mm~φ1500mm (customized according to customer requirements)

     ETCR8300F Three Channel Flexible Coil Current Monitoring Recorder esigned and manufactured for on-site simultaneous monitoring and recording 1-3 channel AC current or leakage current, it is composed of recorder host, flexible current clamps, charger, monitoring software and communication cable, etc. Widely used in electric power, communications, meteorology, railway, oil field, construction, measurement, scientific research and teaching units, industrial and mining enterprises and other fields. It is especially suitable for the current test in the industrial environment where the signal is seriously distorted, such as the flat cable dense place, large special-shaped wires, relay protection, thyristor rectifier, frequency conversion speed regulation, semiconductor switch, power electronic conversion equipment, arc welding and so on.

   Host adopts LCD display, three channels with the same screen display, clear at a glance, there are Chinese and English operation interface two choices, suitable for different countries of engineering and technical personnel. The recorder equipped large capacity rechargeable lithium battery, display power energy with a three-grid mode, which can continues recording up to 7 days. With the function of system clock and super storage space, it can set the  monitoring and recording time on site, can store 200,000 sets of data, and has the function of setting the interval time of automatic storage, setting from 1 to 99 minutes. Monitoring software has online real-time monitoring and historical query functions, historical data reading, consulting, saving, reporting and other functions.

    Flexible current clamp, Rogowski Coil, adopts advanced Rogowski Coil technology, which is a loop coil uniformly wound on non-ferromagnetic materials, with no hysteresis effect, almost zero phase error, no magnetic saturation, high linearity and strong anti-interference ability.The output signal is the differential of the current with respect to time. By integrating the output voltage signal, the input current can be truly restored. The measured current ranges from milliamperes up to ten thousands of amperes.Flexible coil without any exposed metal conductor, non-contact measurement, safe and reliable. Small size, light weight, soft and flexible, suitable for narrow environment and flat cable dense places. High measurement accuracy, strong reliability, wide response frequency band, the user can customize the coil length according to demand.


 Online monitoring and recording 1 ~ 3 channel ac current, recorder, High current measurement

 Power Supply

 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery(full charge about 4.2V)

 Flexible Current Clamp Quantity


 Test Method

 Flexible CT: The output signal is the differential of current with respect to time. By integrating the output voltage signal, the input current can be truly restored.


 AC 0.00A~20.00kA


 AC 10mA


 ±2%±5dgt (the conductor is at the center of the flexible coil, 23℃±2℃)

 The Tested Current frequency 


 Display Mode

 LCD: 128dots×64dots

 Host Dimension


 Host Weight


 LCD Size

 Display area: 44mm x27mm

 Flexible Current Clamp Caliber

 customized according to customer requirements

 Flexible Coil Diameter

 φ7.5mm (suitable for narrow environment and flat cable dense places)

 Current Clamp Lead Cable Length


 Electric Field Interference

 No hysteresis effect, strong anti-interference ability

 Position Error

 The tested conductor wire should try to be in the center of the flexible coil

 Sampling Rate

 2 times / sec

 Data Storage

 200,000 groups (Power down or replace battery will not lose the data)

 Record Period

 Set the record interval time within 1 second ~ 99

minutes, 0 seconds is not automatically stored.

 Recording Time

 Interval time 1 seconds, can continues recording 48


Interval time 10 seconds, can continues recording 120


Interval time 1 minute, can continues recording 168


Download Speed


 Overflow Display

 Exceed measure range overflow function: "OL" symbol display

 Battery Voltage

 Battery power real-time display, low battery voltage will remind to replace the battery.

 Communication interface


 Rated Current

 In power save mode about 6mA, Max about 35mA

 Working Temperature

 -10℃~40℃;below 80%rh

 Storage temperature

 10℃~60℃;below 70%rh

 Line Voltage

 Below AC600V circuit measurement

 Insulator strength

 AC 2KV/rms

 Suitable Safety Standard

 IEC1010-1, IEC1010-2-032, Pollution Class 2, CATⅢ(600V),IEC61326(EMC standard)

Model Flexible Current Clamp Inner Diameter Flexiable coil Length Flexible Coil Weight  Flexible Coil Diameter
8300F-50 φ50mm 160mm 80g φ7.5mm
8300F-100 φ100mm 320mm 90g φ7.5mm
8300F-150 φ150mm 480mm 100g φ7.5mm
8300F-200 φ200mm 640mm 110g φ7.5mm
8300F-300 φ300mm 950mm 132g φ7.5mm
8300F-500 φ500mm 1580mm 170g φ7.5mm
8300F-1000 φ1000mm 3150mm 290g φ7.5mm
8300F-1500 φ1500mm 4720mm 390g φ7.5mm

Package  Outer Package Carton
 Inner Package Cloth bag
 Accessory   Host 1 PCS
 Flexible Coil current clamp 1-3 PCS
 USB Communication Cable/ Chager cable 1 PCS
 Monitoring Software(CD) 1 COPY
 Meter Bag 1 PCS 
 Charger 1 PCS
 Manual 1 PCS
 Certificate 1 PCS
 Warranty Card 1 PCS

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