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ETCR3460A Insulation Resistance Tester

Product Characteristics

1. Suitable for measuring the insulation resistance of electric motor, cable, switch, electrical appliance and other electrical equipment and insulation materials. Insulation resistance value, test time and output voltage are displayed on the same screen.

2.Insulation Resistance Range: 0.1MΩ~200GΩ

3. Voltage Range: AC/DC 0~750V

4. Rated Voltage: 2500V

5.Output Shout Circuit Current: ≥2mA

ETCR3460 series Insulation Resistance Tester, also known as megohm meter, insulation resistance tester, for insulation resistance testing. This instrument is a high performance digital type instrument, with LCD large screen with backlight display, data hold, automatic discharge, automatic shutdown and other functions. The instrument has the functions of test timing and voltage monitoring. When the loop voltage is higher than 36V, the instrument will forbid tested to protect the safety of the tested objects and personnel. Insulation resistance value, test time, output voltage display with the same screen, also have the functions of measuring AC voltage, DC voltage. This series instrument maximum output voltage 5000V, the biggest test resistance value 200GΩ, maximum short-circuit current 2mA.

ETCR3460 series Insulation Resistance Tester complete appliance is beautiful, wide range, high precision, high resolution, easy to operate, convenient to carry, accurate and reliable, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability. And with the shockproof, dustproof, moisture-proof structure, which is the telecommunication, the electric power, the meteorology, the computer room, the oil field, the mechanical and electrical installation and the maintenance and uses the electric power as the industrial power or the energy industry enterprise department commonly used but essential instrument. It is suitable for measuring the resistance of various insulating materials and the insulation resistance of transformers, motors, cables and electrical equipment.

          1. Main case                                     2.LCD display screen
          3. Button and indicator                     4.AC voltage test interface
          5. AC voltage test interface              6. Insulation resistance test interface   
          7. Safety alligator clip                       8.Probe type test line
          9. High voltage test probe                10. Alligator clip test line
         11. Test wires and accessories

 Function  insulation resistance test,AC/DC voltage test
 Power Supply  DC 1.5V LR14X6PCS
 Rated Voltage  50V / 250V / 500V / 1000V / 2500V
 Insulation Resistance Range  0.1MΩ~200GΩ
 Voltage Range  AC/DC 0V~750V
 Output Shout Circuit Current  ≥2mA
 Max Capacitive Load  1uF
 Shift  Turn the shift rotary knob to select the appropriate gear
 Backlight  Controllable off-white backlight, suitable for dark places
 Display Mode  4 digital LCD display
 Measurement indication  LED flicker and buzzer ring in measurement
 LCD Size  108mm×65mm
 Meter Dimension  212mm×175mm×76mm
 Test Wires  High voltage bar test wire: Red 1PCS; Probe test wire: Black 1PCS;Alligator clip test wire:1PCS;Alligator clip:1PCS
 Test Time  The single test time is 1 min. During the test, the user can stop automatically or automatically stop after 1 min, and the screen display measurement data
 Battery Voltage  Battery voltage symbol display, when battery voltage is low will remind to replace the battery in time
 Automatic Discharge  Automatic release the voltage of the measured object, During discharging,symbol flash.Discharge completion symbol extinguish
 Auto Shutdown  15 minutes after boot up, the meter shuts down automatically without any operation
 Power Consumption  Standby: about 40mA(backlight off);Start up with backlight:about 50mA;Measurement:about 100mA(backlight off)
 Weight  1230g
 Working Temperature and Humidity   -10℃~40℃;below 80%rh
 Storage Temperature and Humidity   -20℃~60℃;below 70%rh
 Suitable Safety Standard  IEC61010-1(CAT Ⅲ 300V、CAT IV 150V、Pollution 2)
Model Max Rated Voltage Insulation Resistance Range AC/DC Voltage Range
ETCR3460A 2500V 0.1MΩ~200GΩ 1~750V
ETCR3460B 5000V 0.1MΩ~400GΩ 1~750V

Package Outer Package Carton
Inner Package Cloth bag
 Accessory  Meter  1 pcs 
High pressure bar 1pcs
Pen test line 1pcs
Crocodile clip test line 1pcs
alligator clip 1pcs
Manual 1pcs
Certificate 1pcs
Warranty Card 1pcs

ETCR3460A Insulation Resistance Tester