ETCR3520 High Performance HV Insulation Resistance Tester

ETCR3520 High Performance HV Insulation Resistance Tester

Product Characteristics

1. Suitable for insulation resistance testing of cable, motor, generator, transformer, mutual inductor, high voltage switch, arrester and other large equipment.

2. Insulation Resistance Range:0.5MΩ~10TΩ

3. Rated Voltage:250v~5Kv(5gears)

4.Output Shout Circuit Current:≥7mA

Voltage monitor function, Test timer function , Automatic discharge function

Insulation resistance measurement (IR); polarization index measurement (PI); absorption ratio (DAR);Ramp Test Mode (RAMP);  filtered resistance test (FR); Voltage measurement(V); capacity measurement(uF);  current measurement(nA)

  ETCR3520 series High Performance High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester is a high performance high voltage insulation resistance tester of well research and development by our company. The instrument has perfect testing function of various insulation resistance parameters and excellent anti-interference ability, whichcan be used to test the insulation resistance of large capacity high voltage electrical equipment and transmission lines in substation with strong induction electric environment. The instrument adopts true color touch screen, and all the test data and battery power are displayed on the same screen for viewing clear and obvious. The combination of knob switch and button makes the operation very simple. The user does not need to memorize the operation method, but just click "HELP" on the screen to pop up the operation method, effectively guiding the user to operate the instrument. The instrument has the function of rapid discharge, the charge of the tested object is released automatically after the test. The voltage monitor of the instrument automatically monitoring the live voltage of the measured object, when the voltage exceeding 36V will automatically prohibits testing and effectively protects the instrument and operator.

   The instrument adopts large capacity rechargeable lithium battery pack. The test timer of the instrument automatically records the test time and stores the test results with date and time. The touch screen can easily check the historical data recorded. The fully isolated USB interface can upload the test data to the PC safely. The instrument is equipped with the test line with double insulation and shielding layer, and the high voltage rod is equipped with replaceable crocodile clip and hook, which can adapt to various test places. The instrument adopts a strong double-shell structure, and the outer case of the instrument has a protection rating of IP65, which can prevent the intrusion of moisture and dust as well as prevent to impact in the transportation and storage process, effectively protect the instrument.

  ETCR3520 series High Performance High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester with a wide measurement range, high resolution, convenient operation, strong and durable, accurate and reliable, stable performance and strong anti-interference ability. The instrument with insulation resistance test (IR), polarization index test(PI), dielectric absorption ratio test (DAR), ramp test mode (RAMP), filtered resistance test mode (FR 10S、20S、30S、40S four selections), voltage test (V), capacity measurement (uF), current measurement (nA) and others function. The instrument is suitable for testing the insulation resistance of large equipment such as electric equipment which with large capacity, high voltage and in strong induction electric environment, and transmission line, which is the power, telecommunications, meteorology, computer rooms, oil fields, mechanical and electrical installation and maintenance and power supply departments of industrial and mining enterprises commonly used but essential instruments.


  Insulation resistance measurement (IR); polarization index measurement (PI) ;Dielectric Absorption  Ratio Test(DAR);Ramp Test Mode(RAMP);filtered resistance test(10S、20S、30S、40S 4 options);Voltage measurement(V); capacity measurement(uF);  current measurement(nA)

 Power  Supply  Rechargeable lithium battery pack 6.2Ah
 Rated Voltage  250V,500V,1KV,2.5KV,,5KV,
 Output Voltage Accuracy (5%~10%)±10V
 Insulation Resistance Range  0.5MΩ~10TΩ
 Output Short Circuit Current  >7mA
 Polarization Index Test  Yes
 Dielectric Absorption Ratio Test  Yes
 Ramp Test Mode  Test at 10% of the preset voltage until the peset voltage
 Filtered Resistance Test Mode  10S、20S、30S、40S
 Voltage Measurement  Range: AC/DC 0V~1000V;Accuracy: ± 5 %rdg ± 3V 
 Capacitance Measurement  Range: 10nF~25uF;Accuracy: ± 10%rdg ± 10 nF 
 Leackage Current Measurement  Range:0.00nA~9 mA;Accuracy:± 5%rdg ± 0.5 nA  
 Voltage Monitor  Monitor the voltage of the measured object, and monitor discharge status after test, Forbidden to test when voltage is larger than 36V, protect instrument and operator.
 Test Time  Automatic record test time, time range: 0s~9999s
 Storage Function  Automatically store the test data with test date and time, total of 1000 groups 
 Upload Function  Upload the stored data to computer with USB communication cable.
 Battery Power Display  With battery power display, when battery voltage low will remind to replace the battery
 Automatic Shutdown  After 15 minutes start up will shut down automatically without any operation
 Meter Dimension  280mm×260mm×160mm
 Weight  4900g (含电池)
 Test Wire  Red color high voltage test wire 1 pcs (with alligator clip 1PCS and hook 1PCS), green color test wire 1PCS, black color test wire 1PCS
 Protection Level  Close the case IP65, open the case IP40
 Withstand Voltage  3mA AC 50Hz
 Working Temperature and Humidity  -20℃~50℃;80%rh
 Storage Temperature and Humidity  -25℃~65℃;80%rh
 Insulation Resistance  50MΩ(1000v)(between the test circuit and shell)
 Withstand Voltage  AC 3Kv 50Hz 1min(between the test circuit and shell)
 Suitable Safety Standard  IEC61010-1,IEC61326-1
Model Rated Voltage Insulation Resistance Range

Short Circuit Current

ETCR3500 250V,500V,1KV,2.5KV,5KV 0.5MΩ~2TΩ >5mA
ETCR3500B 250V,500V,1KV,2.5KV,5KV,10KV 0.5MΩ~5TΩ >5mA
ETCR3500C 250V,500V,1KV,2.5KV,5KV,10KV,15KV 0.5MΩ~10TΩ >5mA
ETCR3520 250V,500V,1KV,2.5KV,5KV 0.5MΩ~10TΩ >7mA
ETCR3520B 250V,500V,1KV,2.5KV,5KV,10KV 0.5MΩ~20TΩ >7mA
ETCR3520C 250V,500V,1KV,2.5KV,5KV,10KV,15KV 0.5MΩ~30TΩ >7mA

Package  Outer Package Carton
Inner Package Cloth bag
 Accessory  Meter  1 pcs 
High pressure bar 1pcs(red)
Hook 1pcs
USB communication cable 1 pcs 
CD 1 pcs
Charger 1 pcs
Crocodile clip test line 2pcs(1 black and 1 green)
alligator clip 1pcs
Manual 1pcs
Certificate 1pcs
Warranty Card 1pcs


ETCR3520 High Performance HV Insulation Resistance Tester