ETCR3300B Large-Scale Grounding Grid Earth Resistance Tester-etcr

ETCR3300B Large-Scale Grounding Grid Earth Resistance Tester

Product Main Function

1. Measure the grounding impedance or resistance of large grounding devices, measure the conduction impedance or resistance between grounding devices, measure the soil resistivity, and measure the simple step voltage.
2. Impedance Measurement Range :0Ω~200Ω

3. Soil Resistivity Measurement Range :0Ωm~125KΩm

  ETCR3300B Large-Scale Grounding Grid Earth Resistance Tester is a power frequency grounding resistance, grounding resistance, soil resistivity, and simple step voltage tester carefully developed by our company for substation grounding grids, power plants, microwave stations, and communication base stations. The instrument uses a touch color screen to operate particularly convenient and simple, click the "help" button to operate prompts at a glance, the instrument uses a new type of variable frequency AC power supply and microcomputer processing control and signal processing measures, a good solution to the problem of anti-interference in the test process, simplified The test operation process improves the accuracy and accuracy of the test results and greatly reduces the labor intensity and test costs of the test personnel. The instrument adopts super-strong automatic frequency conversion anti-interference technology, and with 400V/5A high-power output, it can accurately measure the data under the power frequency 50Hz in a strong interference environment. It is suitable for testing power frequency characteristic parameters such as power frequency grounding impedance, ground resistance, soil resistivity, step voltage and so on of various grounding devices.

  The instrument is based on "JJG984-2004 Grounding Continuity Verification Regulations Resistance Tester", "DL/T475-2006 Grounding Device Characteristic Parameter Measurement Guidelines", "DL/T845.2-2004 Resistance Measuring Device General Technical Conditions Part II: Engineering Frequency grounding resistance tester" manufacturing.

Product features
1. With 5 inch touch colorful screen, easy to operation. With the test function of soil resisitivity and simple step voltage.
2. Supports Bluetooth communication for Android system. After installing the APP, can test or view the test results on the mobile terminal.
3. The instrument case is made of high strength engineering plastic, which is resistant to strong impact, abrasion, aging, and protection grade is IP65..
4. 400V, 5A high power output that can ignore the power frequency interference of the substation.
5. Equipped with built-in printer, printing test results on site. With bluetooth communication function, support Android system, more convenient to view uploaded test records. and with USB interface 


 ETCR3300B Large-Scale Grounding Grid Earth Resistance Tester


 5 inch touch colorful screen

Impedance Measurement Range




Measurement Error


Soil Resistivity Measurement Range

 0Ωm~125KΩm(depends on the resistance measurement range and testing length)

Step Voltage Measurement

 In P, ES terminal connect with the human body simulated  resistance (1.5 K Ω).

Anti-Power Frequency 50HZ Voltage Interference Ability


Test Current Wave

 Sine Wave

Test Current Frequency

 Auto 40Hz/60Hz double frequency, multiple groups of variable frequency available for optional use

Maximum Current Output


Output Current Class

 1A , 2A , 3A  ,4A , 5A

Maximum Voltage Output


Power Supply





 The host weight: about 26KG, total wight: about 33KG(inclue accessories)

Data Storage

 1000 groups

Bluetooth Communication

 Yes, support the Android System

USB Interface



 Built-in type, can print the testing result on site

Test Wire

 Test wire 4PCS(Red 20m, green 10m, yellow 10m, black 20m), grounding wire 1PCS(5m)

Grounding Rod


Working Temperature and Humidity

 -10℃~40℃;80%rh below

Storage Temperature and Humidity

 -20℃~60℃;70%rh below

Withstand Voltage

 AC 3700V/rms(between the circuit and shell)


 Host tester: 1PCS; Test Wires: 4PCS; Grounding wire: 1PCS; Power wire: 1PCS;USB data cable: 1PCS,Ground rod:4PCS;Human body simulated resistance : 1PCS ;Tool bag: 1PCS.

Model Impedance Measurement Range Screen Display Step Voltage Measurement


LCD display N


touch colorful screen Y


 1 pcs

 Tool Bag

 1 pcs

 Ground Rod

 4 pcs

 Ground lead

 1 pcs

 Test Wire

 4 pcs

 USB communiction cable

 1 pcs

 Power line

 1 pcs


 1 set


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