ETCR2800B Non-Contact Grounding Resistance Online Detector-ETCR

ETCR2800B Non-Contact Grounding Resistance Online Detector

Product Main Function
1. On - line monitoring the earth resistance of grounding system
2. Measure Range: 0.010Ω~200Ω
3. With GPRS communication and RS485 interface
4. Network system can be built to realize real-time detection and remote monitoring
5. EX-Mark: ExiaⅡBT3Ga
6. Explosion Proof Certification: CE18.2332X

ETCR2800B Non-Contact Grounding resistance Online Detector used for on-line monitoring the earthing resistance of earthing system, measure range: 0.010Ω~200ΩOn-line testing, non-contact measurement, grounding wire pass through the perforation of the detector, definitely not influence grounding for lightening effect and normal operation, real time on-line testing. Use by RS485 wire communication or GPRS wireless communication data transmission, realize remote online monitoring .Detector built-in sensor and circuit board, completely sealed, ensure high-accuracy, high stability and high reliability of long time on-line monitoring at  field and indoors.

ETCR2800B Non-Contact Grounding resistance Online Detector, equipped with GPRS communication and RS485 interface, can build a network system to realize real-time detection and remote monitoring.

 Function  Return circuit grounding resistance on-line monitoring, metal return circuit resistance connection online monitoring, grounding condition monitoring.
 CT structure  Closed loop(B\C Model);Spilt core(KB\KC Model)
 Power Supply  Detector:6VDC~12VDC,50mA Max(GPRS 12VDC 150mA Max). (Ui:6V;Ii:50mA;Ci:0μF;Li:0mH;Pi:0.1W)(User supply),Instrument and safety barrier matching relation:Uo≤Ui,Io≤Ii,Po≤Pi,Co≥Ci,Lo≥Li。
 Resistance Range  0.01Ω~200Ω
 Resolution  0.001Ω
 Accuracy  ±2%rdg±3dgt(20℃±5℃,below 70%RH)
 CT Size  60mmx28mm 
 Overflow Indication None
 Connection line  1pcs ,1 meter cord(5 core wire)
 Connection Identifier  Red/brown---power supply input anode;
 Black--- power supply input cathode;
 Blue---RS485 signal anode;
 Grey---RS485 signal cathode;
 White--- grounding wire shield
 (power supply input cathode can connects with analog grounding by short circuit connection)
 Communication Method  Wired network: RS485 communication protocol(support MODBUS)
 Wireless network: RS485 or GPRS communication protocol(support MODBUS)
 Network Points  Wired network: 1 ~ 250 grounding points, scalable
 Wireless network: 60000 grounding points, can be expanded
 Communication distance  Wired network: about 1500m,scalable
 Wireless network: not limited
 Alarm Indication  the detector sound-light alarm
 Alarm Setting  System Software Settings
 Data Display  None
 Dimensions  Detector: 132mm × 130mm × 76mm
 Weight  Detector: 1KG
 Working  Temperature And Humidity  -20℃~55℃;20%RH~90%RH
 Humidors Error  Within 5%
S hift  Automatic shift
 Grounding Lead Interference Current  Should be avoid
 External Magnetic Field  <40A/m
 External Electric Field  <1V/m
 Single Measurement time  About 0.5 second
 Working current  Detector: 50mA Max.(GPRS: 12VDC 150mA Max)
 Explosion-proof mark  Ex ia ⅡB T3 Ga
 Explosion-proof Certification  CE18.2332X.
 Protection Level  IP54
 Power Supply Mode  External power supply (Equipped by user)

Model CT Structure Range Difference
ETCR2800B Close loop 0.010Ω~200Ω NO LCD and Indicator light, need to build Internet
ETCR2800C Close loop
0.010Ω~200Ω With LCD, Alarm Setting,Sound and light alarm indication
ETCR2800KB Split-core 0.010Ω~100Ω No need to disconnect the grounding wire in installing,detector with sound and light alarm indication
ETCR2800KC Split-core 0.010Ω~100Ω No need to disconnect the grounding wire in installing, detector with LCD, Alarm Setting, sound and light alarm indication
ETCR2800N Close loop and built-in type
0.010Ω~200Ω No shell, suitable for secondary development
ETCR2900 None 0.01Ω~2000Ω Need ground auxiliary pile,communicate with the computer directly, dector with LCD, alarm setting,sound and light alarm indication

 Package  Outer package   Carton
 Inner package  None
 Accessory  Meter  1 pcs
 Power and Communication Cable  1 pcs
 Manual  1 pcs
 Certificate  1 pcs
 Warranty Card  1 pcs

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