ETCR2800KC Split-core Ground Resistnace Detector-ETCR

ETCR2800KC Split-core Ground Resistnace Detector

Product Main Function

1.On - line monitoring the earth resistance of grounding system

2. Measure Range: 0.010Ω~100Ω
3. No need to disconnect the grounding down lead and no need with auxiliary electrodes

4. Rain and dust proof, can be installed and used in outdoor

5. 47mmX28.5mm LCD

6. Network system can be built to realize real-time detection and remote monitoring

7. EX-Mark: ExiaⅡBT3Ga

8. Explosion Proof Certification: CE18.2332X

ETCR2800KC Split-core Ground Resistnace Detector,specialize for online monitoring grounding down lead connection status, circuit grounding resistance and metal circuit connection resistance,range :0.010Ω~100Ω. On-line testing, non-contact measurement, grounding wire pass through the perforation of the detector, definitely not influence grounding for lightening effect and normal operation, real time on-line testing. Detector built-in sensor and circuit board, completely sealed, ensure high-accuracy, high stability and high reliability of long time on-line monitoring at  field and indoors.

ETCR2800KC Non-contact Earth Resistance Online Detector, can display the measured data directly through the LCD; the detector could set alarm threshold, with sound and light alarm indication, suitable for independent installation and use no need to set up the network.Use by RS485 wire communication or GPRS wireless communication data transmission, realize remote online monitoring 

Function Return circuit grounding resistance on-line monitoring, metal return circuit resistance connection online monitoring, grounding condition monitoring.
CT structure Closed loop
Power Supply Detector:6VDC~12VDC,50mA Max(GPRS 12VDC 150mA Max). (Ui:6V;Ii:50mA;Ci:0μF;Li:0mH;Pi:0.1W)(User supply),Instrument and safety barrier matching relation:Uo≤Ui,Io≤Ii,Po≤Pi,Co≥Ci,Lo≥Li
Resistance Range 0.01Ω~100Ω
Resolution 0.001Ω
Accuracy ±2%rdg±3dgt(20℃±5℃,below 70%RH)
CT Size 56mm X 26mm
Overflow Indication test data>100Ω, system software or LCD display “OLΩ” symbol;
Connection line 1pcs ,1 meter cord(5 core wire)
Connection Identifier Red/brown---power supply input anode;
Black--- power supply input cathode;
Blue---RS485 signal anode;
Grey---RS485 signal cathode;
White--- grounding wire shield
(power supply input cathode can connects with analog grounding by short circuit connection)
Communication Method Wired network: RS485 communication protocol(support MODBUS)
Wireless network: RS485 or GPRS communication protocol(support MODBUS)
Network Points Wired network: 1 ~ 250 grounding points, scalable
Wireless network: 60000 grounding points, can be expanded
Communication distance Wired network: about 1500m,scalable
Wireless network: not limited
Alarm Indication the detector sound-light alarm and LCD display
Alarm Setting System Software Settings
Data Display LCD display
LCD Size 47mm x 28.5mm
Dimensions Detector: 124mm × 118mm × 76mm
Weight Detector: 1KG
Working  Temperature And Humidity -20℃~55℃;20%RH~90%RH
Humidors Error Within 5%
S hift Automatic shift
Grounding Lead Interference Current Should be avoid
External Magnetic Field <40A/m
External Electric Field <1V/m
Single Measurement time About 0.5 second
Working current Detector: 50mA Max.(GPRS: 12VDC 150mA Max)
Explosion-proof mark Ex ia ⅡB T3 Ga
Explosion-proof Certification CE18.2332X.
Protection Level IP54
Power Supply Mode External power supply (Equipped by user)

Model CT Structure Range Difference
ETCR2800B Close loop 0.010Ω~200Ω NO LCD and Indicator light, need to build Internet
ETCR2800C Close loop
0.010Ω~200Ω With LCD, Alarm Setting,Sound and light alarm indication
ETCR2800KB Split-core 0.010Ω~100Ω No need to disconnect the grounding wire in installing,detector with sound and light alarm indication
ETCR2800KC Split-core 0.010Ω~100Ω No need to disconnect the grounding wire in installing, detector with LCD, Alarm Setting, sound and light alarm indication
ETCR2800N Close loop and built-in type
0.010Ω~200Ω No shell, suitable for secondary development
ETCR2900 None 0.01Ω~2000Ω Need ground auxiliary pile,communicate with the computer directly, dector with LCD, alarm setting,sound and light alarm indication

 Package  Outer package  Carton
 Inner package  None
 Accessory  Meter  1 pcs
 Power and Communication Cable  1 pcs
 Manual  1 pcs
 Certificate  1 pcs
 Warranty Card  1 pcs

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