ETCR2900 Online Earth Resistance Tester-ETCR

ETCR2900 Online Earth Resistance Tester

Product Main Function

1. On - line monitoring the earth resistance of grounding system.

2. Measure Range: 0.010Ω~2000Ω

3. Online detection and real-time monitoring, LCD: 124mm×67mm

4. Automatic monitoring and record, record data can stored automatically to generate reports

ETCR2900 Contact Type On-line Earth Resistance Tester is high-tech product that our company has devoted to "grounding resistance detection technology research" for more than ten years, Using precision 3-wire or simple 2-wire measurement method to test the grounding resistance. Adopt average value rectification method to test grounding voltage, online detection, real-time monitoring. User can select RS232 or RS485 communication, according the protocol MODBUS to secondary development, build network, realize remote multipoint online monitoring etc.resistance range: 0.01Ω ~ 2000Ω, voltage range: AC 0 ~ 600V.

ETCR2900 Contact Type On-line Earth Resistance Tester displayed by super large LCD, very clear and obvious. The alarm critical value can be set via the button, and with the sound and light alarm indication. Ensure the high accuracy, high stability and high reliability of real-time online monitoring of grounding resistance value in various place.



 Online monitoring of grounding resistance, grounding voltage, equipotential bonding resistance, and low value resistance

 Power Supply

 Standard: 12V±1VDC、400mA Max; Optional: 24V±1VDC 

 Test Method

 Precision 3-wire or simple 2-wire measurement method

 Measurement Method

 Ground Resistance:Rated current pole method, measuring current 11mA Max,128Hz;

 Ground Voltage:Average rectification

 Data Mode

  Average value

 Display Mode

  4 Digits large LCD display

 Measurement Indication

  In measurement, LCD count down indication

 LCD size

  128mm×75mm; Display area:124mmX67mm

 Tester Dimension


 Measurement Time

 Voltage to earth: about 2 times/seconds; Grounding resistance: about 30 seconds/times

 Measurement Times

 Above 10,000 times

 Line Voltage

 Measurement voltage to earth: AC below 600V

 Tester Interface

 Plug Terminal Block: 9-pin terminal block

 Data Communication

 RS485 (optional RS232).


 Automatic shift

 Data Storage

 400 sets, flashes display "FULL" symbol indicate that storage full

 Interval time

 Automatic monitoring interval time of setting range: 1 ~ 999 hours

 Data Access

 Data access function: display "READ" symbol

 Overflow Indication

 Over range overflow function: display "OL" symbol

 Power Consumption

 Standby:25mA Max

 Measurement:400mA Max 

 Alarm Indication

 Audible and visual alarm

 Power Voltage

 When power voltage lower than 10V, display low power voltage symbol, and remind to replace battery

 Tester Weight


 Working Environment

 -10℃~40℃;below 80%rh

 Store Environment

 -20℃~60℃;below 70%rh

 Overload Protection

 In measurement of ground resistance:E-P、E-C AC 280V / 3 seconds between each terminal

 Insulation Resistance

 Above 10MΩ  (500V between circuit and outside shell)

 Withstand Voltage

 AC 3700V/rms (Between the circuit and the shell)

 Electromagnetic characteristics

 IEC61010-4-3,Wireless frequency electromagnetic field≤1V/m

 Suitable Safety Standard

 IEC61010-1、IEC1010-2-31、IEC61557-1,5、IEC60529(IP54)、Pollution 2、CAT Ⅲ 300V

Model CT Structure Range Difference
ETCR2800B Close loop 0.010Ω~200Ω NO LCD and Indicator light, need to build Internet
ETCR2800C Close loop
0.010Ω~200Ω With LCD, Alarm Setting,Sound and light alarm indication
ETCR2800KB Split-core 0.010Ω~100Ω No need to disconnect the grounding wire in installing,detector with sound and light alarm indication
ETCR2800KC Split-core 0.010Ω~100Ω No need to disconnect the grounding wire in installing, detector with LCD, Alarm Setting, sound and light alarm indication
ETCR2800N Close loop and built-in type
0.010Ω~200Ω No shell, suitable for secondary development
ETCR2900 None 0.01Ω~2000Ω Need ground auxiliary pile,communicate with the computer directly, dector with LCD, alarm setting,sound and light alarm indication

 Package   Outer package  Carton
 Inner package  None
 Accessory  Meter  1 PCS
 9-pin Terminal Block  1 PCS
 Manual/Warranty Card/Certificate  1 PCS
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