ETCR080A  Clamp Leakage Current Sensor-ETCR

ETCR080A Clamp Leakage Current Sensor

Product Characteristics

1:AC currenthigher harmonic currentphasepower energypowerpower factor measurement

2:Range : 0.00A~1000A

3:Turn Ratio/Output Voltage:2000:1 / 0~3V(6Ω)

4:Resolution : 0.01A

5:Accuracy Class : 1.0

6:Safety Class : CATⅢ600V

7:CT Structure:Clamp

8:CT Size:80mm x 80mm

ETCR080A Large Caliber Clamp current sensor for AC current, high harmonic current, phase, power, power factor and other detection. Range: AC  0.0A~2500A, jaw size is 80mm x 80mm. The sensor adopts the clamp-shaped structure, which can be measured without disconnecting the measured circuit. The permalloy iron core and double-layer shielding technology are used to ensure the accuracy and stability of the measurement. Non-contact measurement methods are adopted, and the operation is safe and simple. It can be connected to phase detection analyzers, industrial control devices, data loggers, oscilloscopes, harmonic analyzers, power quality analyzers, and high-precision digital multimeters.

ETCR080A Large Caliber Clamp current sensor

1. Coil tap    2. Coil tap    3. Lead wire (2m)  4. Clamp     5. Trigger (open and close the clamp)

(Note: The coil tap can be bare wire or standard multi-meter plug)

 Function  AC current、higher harmonic current、phase、power energy、power、power factor measurement
 Model   ETCR080A                                                      ETCR080A-3V
 Range   0.00A~1000A
 Resolution  0.01A
 Accuracy Class  1.0
 Phase Error  ≤2°
 Turn Ratio/Output Voltage  2000:1 /  0~3V(6Ω)
 Reference Load   0~ 10A ≤ 300Ω
 0 ~ 100A ≤ 30Ω
 0 ~ 1000A ≤ 3Ω
 Clamp Size  80mm×80mm
 Weight  780g
 Output Interface  Shielded wire 1.5m, wire terminal interface: Φ3.5mm Audio plug/BNC plug/4.0mm Double banana plug(Can be customized)
 Frequency   45Hz~100KHz
 Insulating Strength  AC3700V/ms ( between the core and coil)
 Safety Class  CATⅢ600V
 Output Method  Current sensing output(can output current signal or voltage signal)
 Working Temperature  -15℃~50℃
Model Range Resolution Accuracy Class Phase Error Turn Ratio/Output Voltage Reference Load Clamp Size
ETCR030A 0.00A~300A 0.01A 1.0 ≤2° 3000:1 ≤30Ω 25mm×30mm
ETCR030A-3V 0~3V(30Ω) ≥100KΩ
ETCR040A 0.00A~500A 0.01A 1.0 ≤2° 4000:1 ≤20Ω 35mm×40mm
ETCR040A-3V 0~3V(20Ω) ≥100KΩ
ETCR068A 0.00A~800A 0.01A 1.0 ≤2° 2000:1 ≤10Ω Φ68mm
ETCR068A-3V 0~3V(7.5Ω) ≥100KΩ
ETCR080A 0.00A~1000A 0.01A 1.0 ≤2° 2000:1 ≤8Ω 80mm×80mm
ETCR080A-3V 0~3V(6Ω) ≥100KΩ
Package outer packing Carton
inner packing no
Accessory Current Sensor 1 pcs

ETCR030A/ETCR040A/ETCR068A/ETCR080A Clamp Leakage Current Sensor