ETCR030D Clamp DC Leakage Current Sensor-ETCR

ETCR030D Clamp DC Leakage Current Sensor

Product Characteristics

1:On-line detect of DC leakage current and DC small current
2:Range: DC 0mA~100mA

3:Resolution: DC 1mA

4:Accuracy Class: ±3.0%FS

5:Output Signal: 25mV/1mA

6:Safety Class: CATⅢ600V

7:CT Structure: Clamp

8:CT Size: 25mm x 30mm

ETCR030D Clamp DC Leakage Current Sensor, suitable for high-precision DC leakage current, DC current on-line detection, range: DC 0mA ~ 10A, corresponding output DC 0 ~ 2.5V, jaw size 25mm x 30mm. The sensor adopts the clamp-shaped CT structure, which can be measured without disconnecting the measured circuit. Permalloy iron core and double-layer shielding technology are adopted, and the anti-interference ability is strong, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the measurement. Non-contact measurement method is adopted, and the operation is safe and simple. It can be connected to industrial control devices, data loggers, oscilloscopes, high-precision digital multimeters and other equipment.

ETCR030D high-precision clamp DC leakage current sensor

1. Positive signal voltage output (yellow wire)                  2. Ground (Bare line)

3. Positive power input (red wire)                                    4. Output wire (2m)

5. Trigger (open and close the clamp)                             6. Clamp

7. DC current positive input indicator                             8. Power indicator

 Power Supply  9V
 CT Size  25mm x 30mm
 Range  0mA~100mA DC
 Output Signal  25mV/1mA
 Resolution  1mA DC
 Accuracy Class  ±3.0%FS
 Output Interface  2-core shield wires (length: 2m), red wire-power output positive; yellow wire-output signal positive; shield wire-power output negative/output signal negative
 Safety Class  CATⅢ600V
 Working Temperature  -15℃~50℃
 Insulating Strength  AC3700V/rms ( between the core and coil)
  Weight  180g
 Dimension  115mm×70mm×33mm

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